RADIATED BRUTE - Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 201


This is my participation in the art contest of @splinterlands


The spreading blight on the continent of Praetoria twisted both the land and its people.

Plants and animals were the first to become corrupted. Fungus sprouted from vegetation and gave them sentience. Animals grew extra limbs, heads, and grew to extraordinary sizes.

Then the people fell ill. Some thought it was from the plague brought about by Doctor Blight. Others thought perhaps it was from the poisonous gasses that seeped from the fissures near the volcano.

Whatever it was, those who survived the sickness were changed. They mutated, grew stronger, and were filled with an uncontrollable rage. Some were unable to control that rage and went on murderous rampages. Others fought to maintain their sanity long enough to protect their family, friends, and neighbors from themselves. They fled into the Jade Thicket, where they became as feral as the wild animals of the continent.

The people of Praetoria referred to them as Radiated Brutes.

This monster caught my attention, maybe it was because I thought it was like the new She-Hulk, I saw a certain resemblance, maybe it was based on that, since the story indicates that it was by radiation. Coincidence? Anyway, she's a beautiful monster and I wouldn't dare to stand in her way either.


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