Season Hunt challenge 🌧 Autumn Rainy Days


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What's up my beautiful Hive Family?

Today I wanted to introduce myself to the Feel Good Community with my entry for the "Season Hunt challenge, week 4 ..we are chasing RAIN" hosted by @barbara-orenya.


There's a Rainbow in The Sky All The Time, Don't Be Blind. 🌈

I normally, as a photographer, don't like to post photos taken with a mobile phone, but this selfie from a few years ago, I really love it. And it always reminds me about a Ziggy Marley song from the "Dragonfly" album, "Rainbow in the Sky".

And so the sentence "There's a Rainbow in The Sky All The Time, Don't Be Blind" makes me think how we should not worry about those "rainy days" in life in which everything could suddenly feel sad and grey, but knowing that the rainbow that will come after the rain is actually already there and will always be. πŸ™‚

Rainbow Umbrella.jpg


These next two photos come from the end of a season working as a professional photographer in Mallorca, during a rainy day in the month of October. When I look at these pictures I can't help but think about a grey rainy autumn day, in which one would just love to stay warm at home, sipping from some hot beverage and watching the rain from the window.




And these last shots come from another season as a photographer, this time in Gran Canaria.

Actually rainy days in the Canary Islands are quite rare, but for sure they happen much easily in Autumn an in the Winter.

I took these photos on the hotel terrace, and it is the glass surface of a table wet by the rain.





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