Qurator's Photo Quest | Minimalist Photography. Infinite Blue

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What's up amazing Hive Multiverse!

For my Qurator's Photo Quest, Minimalist Photography, I am going to present you one of my favorite shots I took in Tonsai Beach, Thailand.

Infinite Blue

It was a cloudy evening and I decided to take some photos before it got dark.
I love how this picture came out, even if the shutter speed was a bit low for the subject movement, it looks to me like oil on canvas.

I like that cold blue color and it transmits me calmness and peace, it makes me think of those times I love being alone in nature, freeing my mind from all the challenges showing up in my life and reconnecting to the Source.

It also makes me think about vastness, infinity.

If you like, tell me in the comments what kind of feelings emerges in you looking at this photo.


F-stopExposure TimeSensibilityFocal Distance
f/5.61/20 secISO 100140 mm


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