Monomad challenge entry #125: Monroe-esque.


My return to the daily monomad challenge has been nothing short of mind blowing. Been first multiple times now and it feels surreal. I'm glad to see how much value the challenge has gotten, and the level of growth so far.

The level of entries are top-notch now, and that's part of the reason I'm stunned to see me in good positions daily. It's amazing. A big shout out to all the mods and supervisors overseeing this challenge.

My entry today will see me post photos from one of my favorite projects this year, and also one of the biggest in terms of engagements.

Early this year, around April precisely. I worked a project with Ada and my stylist Amaka. The project was inspired by one of my favorite creators "Moss Onyi". In fact, the project was named after her "The Moss Effect".

I'm in awe of Moss Onyi's work. Especially the details in her fashion style. I get mesmerized by her all the time. And "The Moss Effect" was a project aimed at mimicking not only her fashion sense, but the colors of her photos. I didn't get a comment(score) from her, but I'm sure I aced it. And other people loved it as well.

The entire project garnered over 40k impressions organically. And consequently increased my rep in the photography community here in Port Harcourt,Nigeria.

Enough talk, here are the monochrome variants:


The title of the post is Monroe-esque because, some of the dramatic poses resemble some of Late American actress Marilyn Monroe.

The photos are my entry for the #monomad challenge.