It's About Me How I Got Here


Hello Everyone Who Is Hive

How is everyone? Are you guys just fine?

This time I want to share with you about Can you share with us who invited you to Hive or how ?


Actually I have known this hive from my friends for a long time, so that I can write on this hive, but because I am very busy with my studies, writing lab reports, writing assignments, copying a lot of knowledge in the book for me to understand.

That's why I didn't have time to register and write on this hive.

Yes, that's the hectic schedule for the past few years, but for the future I will continue to write here any kind of story, whether it's my poetry or photography or about a simple but useful tutorial for all of you my friends.

So that's all I can answer @lovesniper and @indayclara from @ocd. Please guide master, I'm new here. Hopefully the community friends who are here are happy with what I will write in the future, thank you all.