The Missing Ingredient


The new age movement, along with the age of Aquarius, speaks to elevating our vibrational frequency into a higher dimension.

The questions for today are.

How do we accomplish this shift?

What are the steps towards this goal that each individual has to take to accomplish this goal?

Has this goal been written down on an individual level and clarified in the mind of each individual?

When will this goal be achieved? Can we have a timeline? Could you identify this timeline?

Who would embrace this?

Where do we go from here?

The King starts with the who, what, where, and when as we move forward.

The King has only seen one or two basic steps toward this self-actualization or elevating to a higher dimension.

Let’s start with who? Who would desire to achieve this? For the King, this is simple, anyone on this planet who chooses to live in Love, Peace, Prosperity, and Happiness.

What are the steps? Mediate and the golden rule. The King has reviewed several concepts, including two general ideas. However, these are ideas vs. principles. How can we be content with an idea vs. knowing a principle and acting on the principle vs. someone else’s idea?

Please let me know when this will happen. When is the magical transition going to happen? This question opens up another who, what, when, and where questioning process, and the King must stay on topic. For example, a solar event will transform the world’s population into an awakening. We do have solar events; however, where is the proof? This idea seems magical and relies on factors outside our control or influence.

Where this will happen on planet Earth.

Do you know how this will happen? This is what the King calls the missing ingredient.

This is the answer, Natural Law vs. man-made law. Notice the upper case vs. lower case because that is intentional.

Natural Law requires sovereignty over the heart, mind, body, and soul. Before enacting Natural Law, individuals must FIRST accept personal responsibility for thoughts, emotions, and actions.

This is where you, THE READER, must start doing YOUR OWN RESEARCH towards self-responsibility.

As a planetary population, we can and should mediate; however, could you tell me what you are doing?

At any time while meditating during, before, and after, are you accepting personal responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and actions?

When meditating, are you focused on NATURAL LAW concepts vs. man-made mind programming? Mind control/programming is another can of worms, and the King must stay on topic.

Bottom line, in the King’s Opinion, this solution, “Meditation” in itself, is another “magical solution,” as is the upcoming solar event.

Until the world’s population ends man-made law and adopts NATURAL LAW, we as a planetary population continue to experience the “Human Condition” and remain in this 3rd level of vibratory condition.

In closing, in “The Missing Ingredient,” The one topic most of this planet's so-called gurus refuse to discuss is “NATURAL LAW.”

AS ALWAYS, Knosis is the catalyst vs. accepting someone else’s viewpoint, idea, concept, etc. Do your research and KNOW the difference. The King misspelled the word “Knosis," intentionally.

Natural Law.png