Back the Blue?


Natural Law vs. man-made law:

Here is another example of how police are used to enforce man-made laws. Follow the hyperlink in “[police]

Police officers in every country exist to enforce man-made law, which runs diametrically opposite to NATURAL LAW.

Back the blue?


When police handle evidence, are they supposed to be wearing gloves? I guess this handling of “evidence” was a one-off. Or a further mockery and laughing in your face by the PTB establishment?

How do inanimate objects create hate crimes?

Let's talk about symbols. Is everyone aware of the checkerboard pattern around the police officer’s head?

It is the chessboard black and white pattern. Why? Could you research the symbology?

This hat is then placed over the officer’s crown chakra.

The badge on the hat is placed in front of the pineal gland.

When playing chess, are you on the square? As in being played as a pawn, queen, king, or rook?

Or are you in alignment with Natural Law and playing this game of life off the board?

This is the paradigm shift, the missing ingredient I mentioned in a previous post Natural Law vs. man-made law.

ONCE our planet embraces Natural Law, enforcing man-made law requires a buy-in to the PTB’s manipulation and mind control. Natural Law requires living a life based on principles.

One must ask themselves if I sold this propaganda or did I willingly buy into the propaganda.

Does one accept personal responsibility and agree they have bought into the lies and change their thinking in the alignment of Natural Law or does one continue as a victim, accept the lie as being sold to them and agree individuals have zero rights to freedom of expression?

The decision is yours.

Are you on the board or off Do you think for yourself or do you blindly follow orders.png


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