Herbal teas have been helping various sick individuals in treating and managing medical health conditions. Tea is easily absorbed by the body cells and tissues. There is a special art which is involved in the production of teas from herbs and plants, they are mostly obtained by treating the plant with water. Now the truth is that many people think why water is mostly used and this is due to the reason that water is an ideal means of extracting vital nutrients which are deposited by the chemical substances produced by plants, because water is a universal dissolvent.
If you check the application especially in pharmacology and medical drugs, herbal teas is mostly administered through the mouth which is oral. There are some basic rules to be followed in this production. The part or portion of the vegetable product which is to be used is to be put in a suitable containing vessel, there is also a way in which the plant may be placed into a tea bag. You may gently put the plant into a cup and then pour water into cup. You can heat this up right now or you pour hot water into the containing vessel, after giving it some time, you can now drink the extract without evaporation to avoid losing the active ingredient I the herb. Many herbal teas are being produced by the means of infusion, cold extract and by decoction. In infusion, the production of the tea is gotten from the delicate parts of stem buds, leaves and flowers. There is a good advantage using this method which is, there is almost no loss of active ingredients and thus it preserves the inherent characteristics.
Some individuals tend to add sweetener to herbal teas to make the extract sweet, but it is more advisable to always take herbal teas without adding any sweetener; but in special conditions, sweeteners can be added if and only if it is being administered to convalescent persons or if it has a very unpleasant flavor. Also know that the honey is the perfectly ideally substance which could be used to sweeten a herbal tea. In the preparation of a herbal tea, one particular plant may be used or several plants may be used but in the case of several plants, it has to be well combined just accordingly to the different chemical composition and their individual properties.


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