What is life if not to stand firm for one another during turbulent time, well from the on set i have been the type that values friendship and it's little helpful benefits. To me it's a sin to see someone suffer when you have everything within your capacity to help that individual


The mobile phone above is actually for a friend of mine, before i further i ask for forgiveness from God if in the course of my post compilation i become braggy please forgive me, it's just a couple of my God given talent I'm showcasing and nothing more

This is the case of a mini - itel phone, it's that type of job i hardly involve myself in because the labour can never match the payment the customer will or may be intending to pay. But here i am in sweat and pain doing it free of charge for the sake of love
The damage actually came from a hard fall that ripped off almost every terminal of the screen connector

This friend of mine almost saw hell when his girlfriend was robbed inside a tricycle (Keke) around December last year and the robbers made away with over 800k, money that was not her's. She does POS and money exchange business in parties and she was actually working for the Aunty of my friend, who happens to be the owner of the phone. It so destabilize him that he could barely see the fruit of his labor since last year, surprising thing is that the Aunty said they must pay everything that was stolen. The story is long hopefully another day we can see it to the end _ i just keep praying and assisting in the best way possible for him

Next step after loosing was to sharpen my running wire because i know it's not a work i should deliberate much time on as the problem was lying in front of me. I pealed about 12 running wires, and the screen connectors were about 16 in total, meaning only four survived the fall

And aside that, it wasn't the regular type of soldering. This is a micro-soldering work, it takes more time and energy but the choice has been made from the onset

I had to carefully solder each and every needed leg, and after which i used a multimeter to check for any possible bridging or breakage in the line. But after series of reading, they were all connected properly


After the complete soldering to the other end of the screen, i did a little clean up


Next was to properly check if my work has proved positive or otherwise, so i did a power on to confirm and as you can see below both the display, light and sharpness was intact like a freshly bought screen. I can't tell the happiness my man is going to recieve when he sees his phone intact again


Now it didn't just end there, they say what is worth done, should be done well. So i had to apply screen gum to it, just in case there's another fall tomorrow nothing is going to affect the soldered legs except it be so severe i can still guarantee that the legs won't disconnect but rather the screen will break. So if he's not careful enough, there's not much i can do



Even if i don't have all the money in the world to give to him, with the little work I've done and with the love in my heart he'll tell i have the genuine intention to assist. MAY GOD HELP US TO SURMOUNT TEMPTATIONS AND OBSTACLE ALWAYS, Amen


And this was the final result, all to the glory of God a smile was restored to the face of my friend and i do hope things falls in place for him soonest. Much love fam, till next post please stay safe and be prayerful all time @khingstan Cares 🤴✌️



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