Greetings to you awesome people, it's another opportunity to explore the mind and I'll be talking on a contest organized by the WEEKEND ENGAGEMENT community and it's anchored by galenkp I'll be writing on the NO-DEVICE WEEKEND.

If we talk about no computer, mobile phone or even game console it will really sound terrible to some people if not allot of people because we are in a world where almost everything in our lives are centered on gadgets and technology... But for me, it may sound shocking as I may not feel the absence of my devices for just a weekend. I mean, I can go on the weekend without those and still have the best experience ever

Now let's see how possible


I'll have to make a list of activities and add a specific time frame for each and every step I take during the day, else i may find myself being dumbfounded at a particular point in time because I always have my day planner and activities alarm on my phone, even as far as my diary and journal so let's see how I'll combat the weekend let's take for example I have Friday and Saturday to go through


7 am : Work out till 7:45am
8 am : I will go shower
9 am : Cook something nice
10am : Eat
11am : Read for an hour
12pm : I'll do some washing
1pm : Arrange the house
2pm : Take a very long nap
4pm : Prepare for balling ⚽
7pm : Back from football
8pm : Shower and relax
9pm : Read for another 1hr:30 mins
11pm: Bedtime


And with this I have successfully scaled through Friday and we head out for tomorrow Saturday. And I believe I'll be doing a Lazy Saturday thing so I'm not waking up early this time, so it's going to be like;


9am : Work out till 9:30
10am : Rest before shower
11am : Stroll out to buy some food
12pm : Tech fixing till 3pm
4pm : Do some writing
5pm : Song class against Sunday
6pm : Iron my Sunday wears
8pm : Week summarizing and planning
9pm : Read for one hour
10pm : Bed time longing for tomorrow badly

Haven successfully gone through the weekend without my phone I'll make sure to tell the world how it was for me by creating a content about it.

And with this article one could tell I'm good with devices but I'm not an addict to gadgets. It's possible, just try it
Thanks for visiting my blog, your contributions comments and supports are welcomed on this one. Till next time stay safe @khingstan Cares 🤴✌️


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