LeoFinance's Migration to a Whole New World of Web3 | Design Contest

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The design contest for the ultimate Web3 app is still ongoing! We've seen a lot of awesome entries already (see posts under the #redesign tag on Hive / LeoFinance.io).

We're building the endgame for Web3. To us, we're building what Web3 should be which is an everything app that includes features like long-form and short-form content. Contrast this to the current UI which is Long-Form focused with other features frakensteined into the app.

We're building the new app from scratch to serve as a framework. Short-form first with features on top like long-form content.

Some ideas discussed this clip:

  • Starting the UI from scratch to turn Leo into a more user friendly app
  • The Hive tech has changed a lot, making the Leo tech develop and update
  • The idea is to build from the bottom so we don’t have to patch new features, but to have
    the UI more cohesive ready to handle anything we want to add
  • From the designs we’ll build the new UI which will take 3months~
  • Keep the current UI and when the new UI is ready will be published on alpha to be
    tested without losing the old one
  • Have them side by side until the new one is fully tested
  • Microblogging will be a focus point, the first thing the user sees
  • Long form content will always have a place
  • Microblogging is more inviting and easier to understand, then the user can evolve into
    long form content
  • Front page gonna be short form heavy with a fluid experience back and forth
  • Content settings on the front page to personalize like web2 has done

About LeoFinance

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Okay, that's one great project coming up... How did I miss that post in the #redesign tag? That look the lion gave is definitely something to get me even more excited 😅

These are really exciting features for the new development and I'm looking forward to all of it.

#web3istheway 👍


Nice one khal. You're and your team are doing a lot of good work.


Excited for the new UI. Focusing on simplicity and short-form contents as the "welcome page" sounds great. Perhaps it will not overwhelm those who will come for the first time.

Thank you for all that you do.

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