Next time you see these weeds in your garden/field please do not throw them away.


There are many weeds in our garden, backyard or in our surroundings that are very useful in many ways that we don't know about or we just don't want to know because they are just weeds and found easily everywhere. In fact,many much forgotten weeds are edible, some make great vegetables in our kitchen, and some have many medicinal values in Ayurveda and so on.

The list of such weeds and there uses are limitless,but today I just want to write about two such weeds which make awesome green vegetable diet and are rich in nutrients. Namely there are pigweeds and goosefoot weed.

Goosefoot weed

I want to write about them specially because I eat them in every couple of days or so as my favourite green leafy vegetable supply.

Pigweed plant

Yes, these are regarded as weed, grows widely I think all around the world. Mist farmers find these as the enemy to their other crops and very few who knows the value of these weeds even cultivate them and sell to the local market here. And it's expensive than the commercially grown spinach.


Both of these weeds can be found in many varieties. Some grow bigger and some grow very small and flowers very quickly.However all of them are edible.

I have washed them with water and ready to cook.

This pigweed is of bigger variety.I have grown these even in pots.

Finally the cooked dish.


How to cook?

Well, just like you cook and like to eat spinach. But I don't like it that much as raw. When cooked/roasted I like it more than the spinach. It has more like earthy and sharper taste and more succulent.

Why eat them?

I have simple explanation for that- these grow almost everywhere without less care means these are way more organic and healthy and these wild plant packs a lot of nutrients needed for our body. Such as, minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium,zinc and rich in many vitamins like A,B C and folate. They are very rich in dietary fiber too.