I want to call this my Covid19 selfie with full PPE.


I barely take any selfie,you may get it why looking some selfies below. I cannot even face the camera,I mean look at it while I try to selfie. In short, I am not that much a selfie guy.

This afternoon I had to come out on the road with my scooter due to some work and when I saw this beautiful flowers just above the road I thought of trying some selfie.


I thought it would more comfortable for as I was wearing a helmet and a mask, still I couldn't look at the camera as you can see.


You know helmet is a must when riding a two wheeler, but this time I had to wear a N95 mask as well because of the corona virus. Normally I always put a mask while riding to project myself from dust and pollution but it is normal mask not a big one like this which is covering whole of my face.


It's all dark due to anti-light and I am happy I just clicked a perfect image of myself for a profile picture on hive(just look at my current profile image)

Sorry for the wrong, clickbait type of title.But after watching these pictures I myself felt I was wearing a PPE to protect from Corona virus.