🥑Avocado seed benefits en🥑

🍵Tea to help with varicose veins discomfort🍵


Friends 🙋who love natural medicine for today I will present the benefits of avocado seed🥑.

We are in season for this rich food and it is very easy to find in the market🏡, commonly people discard 🗑️🗑️the seeds after consuming the fruit🥑. It is obvious that these people are unaware of the effective benefits it offers for our health.

🗣️🌿But since knowledge of natural medicine must be shared, here I am giving you a little information.🗣️ 🌿

  • Relieves joint and muscle pain.

  • Treat migraines.

  • Control cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

  • Acne problems.

  • Effective for stomach upset and diarrhea.

  • prostate problems.

  • Intestinal worms.

  • Eliminates lice and nits.


If you are a person with varicose vein problems, you can go to natural medicine to alleviate the discomfort caused by this hateful and unpleasant problem suffered by both men 🧔and women👩, it is a health problem but also an aesthetic one.

people who affect it may feel severe pain, so I invite you to prepare an effective tea


  • 1 avocado pit🥑
  • 1 liter of water.🥛



  • Wash the seed well without removing the shell.

  • In a pot, bring the seed and water to a boil and then remove the shell and chop the seed in two parts, and boil until the water turns reddish.


Indication ✍️:

You can consume two glasses a day, this will help improve circulation and relieve pain


Other tips 📝

  • Exercising, controlling weight and avoiding standing for a long time can help combat discomfort.


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