A fast way to convert HBD to Swapped Hive


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Hello to all,

have you ever wondered how to convert your Hive to Swap.Hive as quickly as possible so that you can possibly trade it into another token on the Hive Engine? Then you should read on here ;)

There are many ways you can convert your HBD to Hive or to Swap.Hive. On PEAKD, for example, it takes 3.5 days to convert your HBD to Hive first. Since that's clearly too long for me, today I'll show you how I find it fastest and easiest.
If you know another more effective way, feel free to write it in the comments.


First I use the following service:

hbd to hive.JPG

Here you can sell your HBD or vice versa with a simple buy or sell order. You will receive HIVE in return. In order for the order to be executed immediately, you must enter the price exactly or slightly above the highest sell order in the order book. This will give you the highest bid and the order will be executed.
So if the highest sell order for HIVE is just like on the picture for example 0.567537, and enough HIVE are offered at this price, you enter this price and the order will be executed immediately.
Of course you can also enter a lower price, but then you have to wait until supply and demand meet.

If you have converted your HBD to Hive and want to buy something on the Hive engine, you have to convert it to Swap.Hive in a second step.

Step 2:

For this step, I use the following bridge:


To make the swap you just have to enter the number of Hive you want to swap and confirm with Hive Keychain or Hive Auth and you have your Swap.Hive on the wallet and you can trade them on the Hive Engine against other tokens.

So, now I've shown you my way of swapping my HBD. Feel free to write in the comments which way you prefer, or if you know a better way.

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and that it is useful to you!


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