The Mumu John

The mumu John


This is my first time posting here, I will be glad and motivated if my write up is well appreciated. I would like to drop a small comic drama here.
John is a semi illiterate, he was over twenty years old and unable to go to school due to his status, background and location.
Luckily for John he was enrolled for personal coaching by his brother who live and studies in the city. He is glad to hear the news because he has dreamt of becoming a banker.
The teacher works on his English construction, pronunciation and understanding.
During the lesson the teacher said "your father has a motor car" he later translated the sentence to him in their native language…. Mumu John refuses to say it, he replied by saying "did you want me to lie? My father did not buy bicycle before he died"
The teacher skipped the first one and went for another sentence "my favorite food is yam and egg" he asked before responding. What is the meaning of this one again? The teacher replied to mumu John with the native language. He shouted and refused to talk. "My favorite food is Cassava flour and melon soup" he responded with a disrespectful tone.
He begged the teacher to teach him any statement or expression he can use to get a job from a bank. The teacher tells him he will not be accepted because of his low education. He said he wanted to try his luck.
The teacher gave him a statement to express his desire and his capacity. He told him to say "I wish to apply as a messenger in your office, sir". He was happy and he continued saying it without asking for the meaning.
Mumu John at a point forget a word and he continue chanting "I wish apply as a messenger in your office, sir"
After another hour it has reduced to "I wish apply as a messenger"
At last when he was allowed to enter the compound of a bank mumu John was just shouting "I wish apply" the security jump to conclusion and decided to pack him to the correctional center for rehabilitation…that is the end of mumu John.
Thanks for reading through 😘
The pen keeps dazzling 🖌️


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