Time to say good bye !

Few days ago my sister visited my place and she stayed here with us , the house was full of joy because the two little kids of my sister brings happiness with them.

Today my sister has gone back and the house now looks empty. I will miss everyone specially Yousuf who is the smallest child in our home.

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Now i will visit them, maybe next month or when my sister will leave to her City. We plan so many things in our life but we are not able to give life to all those plans.

Few things are left in mind and heart and we are never able to live them. Anyways , life is full of opportunities and a nice person is someone who find new things to be happy in.

My hubby is not well or else we both would have also gone with my sister. Maybe next time.

Have a great day everyone and allow me to leave as i have alot of work to do.

Thank You

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