The World will always judge you , just ignore !

Everyone of us who are here comes from the different part of the world and we share the same platform but different culture and tradition.

But we still interact here , share ideas , and help each other without judging or bothering each other for what we do in our personal life or how we live it.

But in this world there are so many people who will be bothered for what you do , they will want you to do what they do.

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one can share his ideals and tell you about what he/she does but no one has the power to implement those to you forcefully. You must take your stand and fight for what you live for.

A part of this world are ok with living relationship but also there is a part of this world not ok with it. So both the parties can do share there views about why they believe something is acceptable or something is not but they can't forcefully tell you to accept what they do.

If someone is married at 22 then it's her/ his choice and if someone is not married at 60 it's also the choice. You can tell something like this is right or wrong but can you make others also believe what you believe...? No...!

So always remember that there is a way you represent your view and it should be maintained , no matter where you are or where you go you should maintain that.

Thank you.

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