The media has failed miserably in protecting the democracy


The media is considered to be one of the pillars of democracy but media today in most of the countries have done no justice in keeping this pillar stand.

They have rather done everything to collapse it and to be honest it's already collapsed in most of the countries.

Let me share what happened today , i was watching some videos on YouTube and suddenly a recommend video came infront of me.

It was of Aryan khan son of shahrukh khan. Shahrukh Khan is one of the most talented actors from India , now Aryan khan was arrested today for a drugs related issues.

images (11) (22).jpeg


Now the media here has got their content and they are showing every update of this news of Aryan khan. I am not against showing this news but it should be shown once and then media should have talked about important aspects.

They are not telling about the economical condition of our country , they are not showing how the government in power has failed miserably.

In short there are tons of news that is important and that must be known by every people but they are simply ignoring it.

How about the media of your country , do you think they are working in the way they should work for the protection of country.

Do tell me in the comments below , thank you.