Don't take anyone's trust for granted

Trust takes a lot of time to build , if you have someone in your life who trust you alot then take care of that person as well as the trust that he has on you.

Life can change anytime but it is in your hand to keep it going the normal way. A small apology can sometimes make things back to normal while a small anger can destroy everything sometimes.

We all have someone in life who trust us , atleast our parents trust us. Never take anyone's trust for granted.

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We all are humans and we all can make mistakes and that's why there is something like apology in this world. Don't take time if you have done a mistake go and say sorry , everything will be fine.

If someone has done a mistake and has come to you to say sorry , again don't take time forgive him and you will find life really beautiful by doing this.

Everyone don't has the talent of doing the second thing i said, that's forgiving someone but if you are a person who can do that you will save all your relation from your side atleast.

Life is too short to think, just do it...!

Thank you

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