Do you think money can buy everything ?


Do you think money can buy everything ? Do you think money should be something that can buy everything ? write answers to these questions before reading this post further.

So , i hope you have wrote your answer in comments below and now reading here. So , i have seen people who think that money is everything and it can buy you anything you want.

I don't think money can buy everything , yes you can buy happiness with money but that can only be a case with you. A person whose happiness is in traveling the world needs money for his happiness.

A person who loves spending time with parents don't needs free time for his happiness more than money. So , you see money is not always important and one should also find his or her happiness.



There was a second question i asked to which i would like to write my answer to. I don't think money should be something that can buy everything.

let me explain why i think that with one simple example. There were two people who sat for a job interview , one was from a middle class family and the other was from a very rich family.

The one who was from the poor family gets the job based on his skills and was really happy but the rich person talk with the people of that company and bribed them to get the job.

So this is how the job then comes in the hand of the rich person and so the deserving candidate lost the job. This is just one example , there are thousands of other real life examples that happen daily.

For getting admission , treatment , jobs , etc people use money and get it done. So my personal opinion is just what you read above. Now i am curious to see what people have written in the comments.

Thank you

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