Blockhain products has changed the life of many

People in many countries have been benefited from the Blockchain technology specially in the form of dapps and blockchain games.

Here people receive cryptocurrency for playing games or using dapps etc. Our social media platform is also part of it as it also reward user for using them.

Many people have seen these platform as the only hope when lockdown came into our life due to covid-19 pandemic situation. There are so many lovers of the blockhain technology and the numbers keeps on increasing every day.

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I don't think people should hate the technology or these dapps just because banks and government don't feel good about them.

Hive was insane with the price , steem has also seen a hike by 10 cents , and blurt also saw a decent up surge in the price. The three Crypto that are connected to each other as two are hardfork of steemit.

These Blockchain products should stay and we should educate people about these products and benefits of them to people who don't know about it.

Thank you

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