Inviting Other Block chain Projects To Join HIVE

Happy day to all HIVE users, I hope the day is out going fine for you? I will like to share a big need for other block chain projects to join HIVE platform and create their community to grow bigger as this enable them less prone to crash issues.


It is very essential to map out strategies as stakeholder or manager of block chain project in order not to fail yourself and your investors.

I just can’t imagine the mindset of crypto investors who made an attempt to plunge all their funds into FTX.


I am quite sure on the other hand the individual responsible for managing the funds wasn’t properly educated on going about it strategically daily. Take a look at price statistics of FTX.


One of the means to grow crypto projects is by creating community on a social web3 platform such as HIVE?

To create a community on hive is very simple

  • create a hive account via ecency or

  • click on wallet if you are using hive interface.



  • search for community and create new community.


It doesn’t necessarily mean that those project are been built on HIVE block chain but with the number of users in HIVE, they will get to learn more about other crypto projects who has created a community on HIVE.

This implies web3 social engagement ratio to web2 social engagement ratio will be higher.

Here are the reasons why other crypto project should build a community on HIVE.

The future is web3

The future is web3 because its support smart contract and it's decentralized which must be adopted by other crypto projects if trully they are also decentralized.

Web2 (twitter, meta, medium) is not sufficient enough to hold strong a decentralized system. HIVE is web3 based, and web3 based smart contract are decentralized.

Other projects not creating community on HIVE which is a web3 social platform simply means their crypto assets are still yet to be fully decentralized.

Hive is Social and interactive


With Hive, you get closer to your users as a crypto project manager. Hive is social and more interactive this is why other crypto projects should join HIVE.

There are other social platforms but I have not seen the one as HIVE which could provide details of your project in form of well formatted blog post presented in accordance.

Honestly I enjoy going through users content on HIVE because it makes me understands a lot of things inform of news behind other crypto built on the HIVE block chain. In fact the first news of FTX crash I readthe information in leofinance community.

Leofinance is also a blogging platform built on the HIVE block chain concerned about information as regards crypto currencies and investment/ business.

This is similar to other crypto creating a community on HIVE in order for finance managers and users gets to interact with each other.

Aside from creating a facebook page, discord server, twitter handle and the likes. Not everyone will be chanced to go through recent articles posted by those crypto sites but with HIVE, one can view recent post made in a community.

We are learners every day

No matter how you feel you are the pro in finance management, you don’t know all yet until you become a spirit to identify pitfalls or you learn suggestions of people as regards the same field.

One advantage of using HIVE, you can learn from people and experience. Block chain owners and thier investors needs to receive feedback from each other on daily basics informing them about new strategies to better their project.

And with the help of HIVE those projects will be able to connect through to its users directly.

Because currently it seems one individual is over there in his room or office trying to manage the funds of his investors all alone or with a small group of stakeholders No, it shouldn’t be so.

Crypto is a decentralized system where all users gets actively involves so they could keep track of what happens to their finances.

HIVE will let you know about what’s happening in the market, who is buying, who is selling, who makes a good contribution, what we should see newly integrated our system.

Users could also give suggestions leading to betterment of the system in future. This is a more important reason why other crypto project should create their community on HIVE.

In this content, I have able to pin point reasons why other crypto projects should join HIVE create their own community because everyday users keep increasing on HIVE.

Hive is more social and interactive and productive to earn than many social media and through that, we can learn diverse finance management procedures.


You said the right, when other Blockchains join build thier community on Hive there will be closer form of relationship between investors and stakeholders. This will help reduces loss. Thanks for sharing.


That's affirmed thanks for engaging on this. Do have a lovely day.