Luxury and grandeur of the famous opera

Greetings, friends.
I want to share my impressions of my excursion to the Garnier Opera in Paris. I thought I was going to have Stendhal syndrome just being inside. For your information, this is a kind of stupor from aesthetic impressions. Why Stendhal? He was the one who had such a reaction (heart palpitations, dizziness, etc.). It happened in a basilica in Florence. It left me speechless. Honestly, I did not expect such grandeur and luxury. Moreover, I had no idea that everything was so beautiful.

The Opéra Garnet was a must-see place I planned to visit in Paris. I love the story of the opera's ghost. It was there that all the events took place. I watched and re-read the film, the book, the musical - everything more than once.
Then there was an internet search and hour-long online tours. But to see the opera with my own eyes is a completely different, incomparable experience.
This majestic building was built by the architect after whom the opera was named - Garnier. In my opinion, he was a man of genius. His idea was to increase the sense of beauty and comprehension of the greatness of art a hundredfold, not only by contemplating the spectacle, but also by being filled with the beautiful, majestic from the first step into the opera halls...
To say that I was delighted would be an understatement. I wanted to see the opera house itself and box number 5, which is the key to the story of the opera ghost. I was also interested in the chandelier, which was incredibly heavy and fell on the audience according to the story. Nowadays, by the way, during some premieres, they do a trick with this chandelier: at some point, they abruptly lower it, which gives the impression that it is falling. Of course, this is never staged, but the audience is surprised and frightened.
Before getting to the boxes, I walked around the lobby for a long time. There is really something to see there. The staircase leading to the lobby is paved with marble, the curly ceiling above it seems to be supported by columns and is covered with stucco. My neck hurt from standing with my head up for so long and looking at the decoration.
After going upstairs, you can get to the foyer. But this hall should rather be called the royal hall. The ceiling there is painted with various scenes, gilding and mirrors. Seni liked the giant fireplace with a clock in the centre and statues on both sides.

Then I went to the library. There were very old books, some documents, and original manuscripts of plays and operas.

Having seen all the beauty, I finally went to the lodges. Unfortunately, for some reason, I did not find the 5th box, but this did not diminish my delight in being there. Red velvet covers everything around: the chairs, the walls, even the floor. Here I saw the famous chandelier. It is really very big. It is placed in the centre of a circle depicting characters from famous opera productions. According to the information I found on the Internet, I learned that it weighs 750 kg. This is impressive.
My dream is not just to go on an excursion to the Garnier Opera, but to watch a show there. I want to experience the charm and power of a real Parisian opera.


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