I got my Pink Metaverse Talisman in the mail from @motionkapture777, it has alien energy 👽

I bought this NFT by @motionkapture777 called Pink Metaverse Talisman, the purchase of the NFT came with a physical talisman delivered in the mail and I just got it!

NFT description: This talisman is for improving physical health. Carry it with you in your pocket and it will help you with its alien energy. The buyer of this NFT will receive the physical talisman by mail. Shipping will take place within 7 days of purchase. The shipping cost is included in the price of the NFT. The diameter of the talisman is 4.4 cm(1.7 inches). Attention: I guarantee the talisman will work only when combined with a healthy diet, meditation, and physical activity.

The packaging was absolutely delightful:

And here is a better picture of it:

I will keep this in my fanny pack at all times :D

It's very cool and I love it so much, thanks @motionkapture777 <3


If you aren't following him here on PeakD and NFT Showroom you definitely should because he makes awesome art: https://nftshowroom.com/motionkapture777/gallery

>>>>>>>>>>>>>₳ⱠłɆ₦ ⱧØ₦ɆɎ<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Visit my gallery on NFT Showroom

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Join the grimes metaverse discord here everyone and let's get 50,000 plus RICH female artists on hive hahaha

Don't tell me grimes metaverse + alien art hive isn't the best possible match

Grimes will love you guys and make a big deal out of all the business partnerships and new brands and communities you'll create ... and maybe invest some big hivepower into some accounts for curation to ACTUALLY MAKE the REST of hive take notice......so the domino fuse can be lot for the blockchain reaction lol

The money shot I can't wait for is when grimes posts about hive on her twitter maybe by just linking to a post low key hehe but it's like tantra waiting for that cosmic explosion .... so many millions of followers.... hive at $700 dollars wow haha I just saw it and how people are complaining about buying a 3 hive lifetime membership in the future lol hive woll be so exclusive but we will have to scale it or just use lite wallets

I only know smart women online ...I can't talk to them like a girl so I'm going to just network them together and Jumpstart a conversation like Ray Romano said

I just know we will combine metaverse and hive with big projects soon that I DONT EVEN GET TO KNOW ABOIT yet lol girls only lol

She can interview and live upvote hive users who post fanart! sto grimezsz will get addicted to her fans reactions to $100 - $1000 upvotes

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