I went out to meet with someone on how best I can support a nearby charity home


Hello everyone, a beautiful Tuesday to you all and how are you all doing this evening? here in Abuja it has been raining for hours now and as I type to you I am covered with blankets. the morning hours we're kind of sunny and it started raining towards 3:00pm when I thought it wasn't going to be that much but I guess I was wrong. in the morning I went to a charity home to see how I can be of help. for those of you that has been following up my post right from the uni will know that I was involved with a charity home back when I was in Port Harcourt end coming here to Abuja I have been trying to be comfortable around my surrounding before making any more of and I thought about today being the perfect day to actually go look for one. I didn't get to meet the lady that I was directed to but was opportunity to speak with on the phone and we reschedule the meeting and I can't express how happy I am that moving out from Port Harcourt didn't stop me from actually reaching out to the less privileged.

Well you shouldn't worry about my code of dress I just had to go with that since I was having the strong feeling that it was going to rain cuz last night rain was intensive, right in the middle of the night from nowhere started storming and a huge rain started falling I couldn't even sleep hearing the sound of the rain hitting the the roof. so I was very sure that if I kind of dress in a very girlish way I may not be able to be comfortable so I needed to go out with something that I will be more comfortable with should in case it start raining or start getting bored. actually one of my plans for today was to go to the market from where I went to so I could prepare something and take pictures of every step to share with you all our prepared it but then again I was rushing to get back home since the weather started changing colour and I didn't get to meet the person I wanted to see so I wasn't having that good vibe in full package.

That I can always do any day anytime it can be tomorrow or next tomorrow but I'm just going to plan myself, by the way I am really excited for being in a little position to help, I knew this was from a very long time that I don't need everything to be able to help I can help from wherever I am whatever I have in ever since then a lot of changed about me, I may not be wealthy yet beside I am still young still finding my way out but the joy of helping people seeing them happy seeing them being grateful not starving of hunger gives me Joy that I will continuously do without any distractions so help me god.

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