How I spent my Saturday (Home/environment)


For people that understand what home alone means, home alone can mean a lot but as for me home alone means staying all by myself but not having any friends or anyone around, and taking a movie, taking a nap, and in the middle of it getting bored and roaming around the compound for few minutes before going back indoors.

Everything you just briefly read above is exactly how my Saturday went, I woke up this morning arranging the house, doing everything that needed to be done and then I prepared breakfast, as soon as I was done with breakfast I had to Netflix and of course I already took my bath before breakfast. in the middle of Netflix I got bored and decided to take a stroll around the company, why you see me dress up like they are both pictures is the fact that there is another two bedroom flat in the compound that I leave so I basically have neighbours so I had to put on the above dress in the picture. and if you're wondering who actually took me the pictures of course my neighbours. I had to stay longer than I was expected to stay because I got caught up anything interesting gist with my neighbours talking about a lot of stuffs and by so one topic leading to another ended up staying over 1 hour outside not being bored. It was a huge relief for me as I felt all alive once again. Sincerely I don't know how people that always stay indoors 24 hours do this, like I have tried and I always end up getting bored one way or the other and also it makes me feel like the day was wasted meanwhile there is nothing to worry or regret about anyways.

As soon as I got back to my room I had some paintings to finish so I instantly changed and proceed on the paintings, I got distracted in the middle of it with a call and of course the call was important that is why I had to take it and the call actually took few minutes and before I could realise it was already dinner hours that is to say I missed lunch. Normally if I was indoors throughout I wouldn't have missed lunch but since I was outside gisting I didn't know lunch hours was passing by and I missed it. For me it's not a big deal, I mean I always complete three square meals a day so just missing one square meal today won't change anything of course. Now the time is 7:41 pm as I round up the post to double-check on any error before publishing.

Thank you all for reading!

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