Got my business name registered


Hello beautiful people, it is a beautiful morning and I told her right to you here first before I start my daily activities sharing with you my excitement of being registered. business has always been my thing right from when I started caring for myself, ever since then I have tried to push him try to establish little and by far I will say God has been faithful. I finally got my business name registered with a certificate so now we are official.

actually my friends and I later this evening we are going to do a little celebration for the little success or should I say the big success. so I'm I take pictures and share with you how the celebration and everything will be like but for the meantime I want to really appreciate everyone here on #hive and on this great community #liketu for always supporting, for always being there for me, reading my post commenting your support, your advice in many more. I don't think I will be fun without you guys, I don't think I will be fun without this beautiful community, and so I'm using this little minutes, or this little time I've got to say thank you so much for contributing to my happiness from this angle of the world.

If you have been into businesses you will know the ups and downs, the challenges that one have to pass through to keep building and to never give up, if you know what I mean then you will understand that every bit of improvement deserves a celebration. that way we know we are improving, that way when we look back at how things before, we will see how far we have grown and when will you look forward to see how close we are getting to where we are supposed to be. all these takes consistency and bravery never to give up at some points. I hope everyone out there involving in one business or the other you get the bravery to always be consistent and hope for the best because the best is exactly what you deserve and you will get there.

So the certificate above that is it, and for the pictures, I took them a while ago just posting the certificate won't be that capturing with a lot of words to read so I decided to add few pictures for entertainment purposes, thank you all for your support, I will see you again on my next post.

Thanks for reading my post

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