What is the best way to deal with Naristic Abuse?



In politics, as we know, there is a fairly high percentage of people with a narcissistic personality disorder, because it is precisely people with this personality structure who are attracted to money and power and therefore often go into politics. These people are largely devoid of any empathy and will walk over corpses.

Some methods used by narcissists are as follows: Isolating the victim, separating them from the herd, control addiction, devaluing the victim, emotional blackmail such as "It's your fault if something happens to others!" or even setting unfulfillable expectations for the victim. Rules are permanently changed to wear down the victim mentally and break his will.

It is important to know that the behaviour of narcissists is always parasitic, which means that while they need their victims, their victims do not need the narcissists, quite the contrary in fact (or how long could "Big Pharma" continue to exist without a naïve and well-paying clientele?).


Also creating artificial problems so that the other person needs one (keyword: pandemic) is typical for narcissists. Through all these conflicts, the victim is constantly mentally occupied with the perpetrator, i.e. with the perpetrator, which is why the said victim distances himself further and further from himself and always has to think about what else one can do to obey the perpetrator. It is precisely this mental preoccupation with the offender that constitutes an "energy supply" for him. It is this attention that narcissists thrive on.

Narcissistic abusers usually take the right to disregard the laws, the laws do not apply to them because they are convinced that they are better than other people and that for this reason the laws (such as wearing face masks) that apply to their victims do not affect them.


Of course, the perpetrator also keeps his victim permanently in a state of uncertainty about what will happen next, when he will reward him and when he will release him (keyword: politicians). Other key points are the distortion of perception through gaslighting and "double bind", i.e. the victim is supposed to adhere to rule A and rule B, but these contradict each other.

Why do reasonable conversations with narcissistic personalities, with the request for insight, bring nothing in the end? It is quite simple, according to their clinical picture, narcissists never have any kind of insight into their guilt and would therefore never apologise or change their course. These people are neither able nor willing to self-reflect, so they will never stop their actions of their own accord.

If we now look at the current situation and consider the current state of affairs, then this situation only allows one conclusion as to how this globally staged martyrdom, which was brought about by elitist narcissistic circles, can be stopped, namely that We, the victims must put an end to this sad spectacle with united forces and against the will of these (self-appointed) "elites"!


Their puppets on the world stage, politicians, journalists of the mainstream media, so-called "celebrities" etc. will not end it, we must always be aware of that! That means "A global unity AGAINST the mainstream" is the most important rule, a global unity against a minority consisting of elitist circles together with their victims manipulated by media will be the best, fastest and only way out in the end!