Unbelievable! For the first time since 1945, Germany sends its battle tanks to the Eastern Front again!



I know, the world is upside down, but with these governments, which are currently responsible for our lives and our society, the world is completely out of joint and is in free fall, it races with incredible speed towards the abyss! It does not take much longer, then some of the conflicts on this world will escalate and it will come to the big bang (keyword: nuclear powers, world powers, USA, Russia, China, hydrogen bomb). I would never have thought there will be millions of Germans applauding again when German battle tanks roll towards the Eastern front, that is hardly bearable.

The last weeks have shown the appearance the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is reluctant to send heavy tanks to Ukraine and that he may even withstand the pressure he was exposed to, but if we are honest, it was already clear from the beginning of the discussion what the end result will be and that Germany will send these tanks! Now the time has come, Leopard 2 tanks are now to be sent to Ukraine primarily in company strength. Millions of people applaud, especially the old parties quite the opposite to the only Opposition Party, the AfD.

Almost the entire Bundestag and the voters of most parties think this is great, you can really feel how they are happy that this madness is taking place here and in reality this behavior only shows that those responsible are completely irresponsible political actors who have no flair for foreign policy, nor for geopolitics and in the end only dance to the tune of completely different people or string pullers. As if this situation were not perverse enough, the German anti-war film "All Quiet on the Western Front" is nominated for 9 Oscars, while at the same time the rulers of the country from which it originates are doing everything to prolong the war taking place in Europe through arms deliveries and war propaganda and - if possible - to expand it even further through deliberately induced escalation.


For my part, I see these deliveries as an extremely dangerous step, which has several reasons. The first very obvious reason is the symbolism that this behavior shows, because even if a company strength is not very many tanks now, this delivery of about 14-15 Leopard 2 main battle tanks is the first step towards targeted escalation! The delivery shows the designated enemy Russia Germany is ready to do everything to let this war end in favor of Ukraine, because this fictional possibility, this fantasy of victory over a world and nuclear power seems to be a realistic scenario in the imagination of detached self-promoters in German politics.

Of course, not only this symbolism alone is dangerous, but also what these battle tanks can do. For sure they will not seriously influence the whole war and its outcome because of their small number, but what they will do in any case is to cause an incredible amount of destruction, for which Germany will be responsible in the end! Another point in this context is that besides the symbolism and its impact on the present, there is also the question of what will happen in the future after this action, which leads us to the most important point of concern in this event.

If you look at how the whole situation has been escalated step by step in recent months with the arms deliveries, then you ask yourself at the latest now, is there any limit of escalation that will not be crossed sooner or later? I have already picked out the prime example of this, namely the former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, who only an hour after learning of the delivery of the said battle tanks directly wrote a tweet in which he unashamedly made further, even more outrageous demands.


As you can see, now even fighter jets are being requested, and it is precisely this development that should make the whole problem apparent even to the most naive sheeple. If you look back at this story, it went on step by step, heavier and heavier weapons were demanded, at the beginning allegedly only for defense, then infantry fighting vehicles were added to the Ukrainian wish list, then battle tanks were demanded to reach the next escalation level and unfortunately also delivered, and now even fighter jets are demanded. Now, of course, one wonders how long it will be before frigates are demanded or even soldiers.

German soldiers, NATO soldiers on Ukrainian soil, these are all such questions and clear developments that you can't just ignore, because this is exactly the danger that is being shown here. This decision to send German battle tanks to the eastern front shows there are no longer any borders in this conflict. It is not unusual when, in the face of these developments, more and more people ask themselves where the whole thing is going and how this game with fire started by Western politicians will end, in which they go on and on, testing their limits more and more and supplying heavier weapons each time, until one day they go too far and then make their peoples pay for their mistakes.

By the way, this tactic of further escalation, of slowly getting the citizens used to ever greater impertinence and demanding more and more from them is already known from the times of the fake pandemic, where manipulated people were accustomed to nonsensical compulsions (keyword: mask compulsion), to which some propaganda victims even voluntarily adhere to this day. But the madness is not limited to Germany, leaders of other countries of the Western world have apparently completely disconnected themselves from reality by their decadent lifestyle, believe to be able to bring about the victory against the nuclear power Russia and have announced that they will also send battle tanks, unable to see what they are doing with it to their peoples, who - what could already be seen in the economic field - are thus involved in a hopeless struggle.


Pinching myself in the hope that this madness is just a bad nightmare from which there will be an awakening in a moment, I am just stunned how here completely irresponsibly bypassing reality a situation is dragged into infinity by a self-appointed world police (USA) together with its slaves or useful idiots in government responsibility (Europe), in order to escalate further on this way quite deliberately, always with the great sword of Damocles hanging over one that it could come to a nuclear retaliation at some point.

The sad truth is that here completely irresponsibly a play with the fire is operated, which shocks me, just like this frightening enthusiasm for such an action, whereby these reactions also say a lot about the morals of the so often medially conjured western community of values, show us what kind of people are just in power and where they want to lead their peoples namely always precisely towards the abyss! All or not, this motto of the warmongers, which not every Westerner agrees with, is unfortunately nothing new and well known to everyone who has dealt extensively with history and fascism.

If necessary, the citizens of the Western nations will have to rise up against their political leaders to prevent an escalating conflict with one of the world's three most powerful nuclear powers, since we all know what the consequences of an escalation would be for the allies of both sides (e.g. USA VS China), but also for all uninvolved parties, once a point is reached from which there is no turning back (keyword: world war, atomic bombs, chain reaction, nuclear holocaust).