The reason why it's the right decision for Jason Aldean not to apologize!



There's a new video to a Jason Aldean song that is coming out in May and his new one is a massive hit, which is called "Try That In A Small Town". The video is controversial, so controversial that it was removed by actually CMT (Country Music Television). It was removed because it essentially showed various riots and then it said like "Try That In A Small Town" and see how it goes for you. The accusation is that this was racist, which is weird because there're a lot of black people who live in small towns and turns out black people also not super fond of rioting!

Apparently the take is that if you oppose riots in and you and you think that um a small town that sort of thing doesn't go that means you actually want to kill black people just randomly. Of course that's NOT what the song is even remotely about! If you want to form your own opinion independent of the opinion makers of the media, here are some parts of the music video for the Jason Aldean song, which was no problem for anybody for months till the new video came out a few days ago.

We see antifa riots with white protesters, a white woman who spits in a cops face (minute 0:32- 033) and a blonde who shows her middle finger to the police (minute 0:27- 0:28). Here is basically to see how destructive the antifa is (which should call themself profar to be honest) and threatens her that she'll find out what happens if she tries crap like this in a small town.. He's like there's not gonna be looting in a small town because we have a sense of community, right? And then Jason put out a statement on Twitter saying which make it clear which intensions he has!

EXCERPT: "When u grow up in a small town, it's that unspoken rule of "we all have each other's backs and we look up for each other." It feels like somewhere along the way, that sense of community and respect has gotten lost. Deep down we are all ready to get back to that. I hope my new music video helps y'all know that u are not alone in feeling that way."

Well, the left wing insane rage clickers, they decided these song was actually racist. So in conclusion this means, it's racist and you're not allowed to show presumably criminals who are black and then say that you don't wish for criminality to prevail in a small town wouldn't. Now it doesn't matter that many of the criminals in the video are also WHITE, none of that matters! They're accusing racism and CMT actually removed the video with consequences which I would call "self inflicted".


Let's look at Jason Aldean's reaction to the artificial outrage of left-liberal and communist-minded would-be critics which came out just a few days ago.

EXCERPT: "In the past 24 hours I've been accused of releasing a pro-lynching song that is now published since May and was used to claim I would call for a nationwide war against BLM protesters of color. These references are not only meritless but dangerous! There's not a songle lyric in the song, that references race or points to it and there isn't a single video clip that isn't real news footage. While I can respect others to have their own interpretation of a song, but this one goes too far!

As so many pointed out I was present at Route 91 where so many lost their lives and our community recently suffered another heartbreaking tragedy. No one included me wants to continue to see senseless headlines or families ripped apart. Try that in a small town for me refers to a feeling of community that I had growing up, where we took care of our neighbours regardless of differences of background or belief. They were our neigbours and that was above any differences!

My political vies have never been something I've hidden from. I know a lot of us in this country have different opinions on how we should get back to a sense of normalcy or how we go at least a day without a headline that keeps us up at night, but the desire for it to that's what the song is about!"


That is really bad, it's terrible! The fact there are people on the left who feel the necessity to treat criminality and opposition to it as aspects of race is itself racist! If I say criminality doesn't fly in my community and your immediate take is "That's racist!" then this means you are being racist! You are suggesting the crime is only from black people or that by targeting crime you're actually targeting black people which is ridiculous!

A majority of the crime in the USA is coming from white people because they're the biggest group there, nevertheless a disproportionate share of violent crime is taking place among black people by black people according to statistics, but would anybody assume I oppose black people generally because of that result? A disproportionate share of which is performed by a particular race, you're actually targeting the race? That's ridiculous, it's absurd, it's like saying if you target crime what you're actually targeting as men because because virtually all crime is (alegedly) performed by men!

Did Jason Aldean something wrong here? Of course NOT! Now then they go to their backup argument he filmed this in in a town that 102 years ago had a lynching. You got to be kidding, you really think Jason Aldean was like "Well I'm gonna go to a town that had a lynching 102 years ago and that's where I'm going to film this video because that's were I really want this!"? That's a subtle race bait, not more and I'm glad this shot backfired and the hustle that was supposed to destroy Jason Aldean has meanwhile brought him the biggest success of his life, much to the annoyance of these Libtards of course who're responsible for this (keyword: iTunes, charts)! 😂😂😂


It's good for Jason Aldean for not backing down, he shouldn't apologize and it doesn't seem like he will which make him one of the first artists who made such a decision in recent memory and his success proves him right as all of us we've seen.😎


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