The digital ID is coming!



The state is reaching for more and more control over people, and for years critical citizens around the world have been warning of this incendiary control agenda. At this moment, after working towards it for a long time, governments are introducing the digital ID. Connected to the smart ID, for example your ID card, your health insurance, soon your digital central bank account and any other sensitive personal data, this could become the most dangerous data octopus ever.

In future, governments will have a new possibility that has never existed before! One will be able to switch off all of us at the push of a button - should we be too critical or simply not fit into the grid. For the governments any expropriation fantasies will become reality at that time. How far the German federal government, but also globally seen the governments are now with the digital ID, is frightening, and I must admit my worst fears during the research on this topic were unfortunately exceeded.

The pioneers of this worrying trend, which is slowly but surely spreading around the world, are this time the United States. It is already a reality in more than 8 U.S. states that the digital ID is used there. So far, driver's licenses and ID cards are controlled by it, and in almost all states, this digital ID is praised with 3 words: convenient, smart and private! Exactly this assertion we will look today times more exactly and these 3 words to this current threat on the test stand put, which is only a continuation of old evils and part of a development, which was already predicted some years ago by at that time still largely reviled conspiracy theorists.


Even in Florida - which surprised me personally - the smart ID has almost the same promotion as in all other states and a few other countries in the world. They also call it convenient, secure, and smart, only the word "private" is missing there, which I don't think is a coincidence either.

I was very surprised the Sunshine State of Florida, of all places, is pushing this agenda, because hopeful Governor Ron DeSantis had only recently signed a law banning digital central bank currencies in Florida. So when a local governor sets very clear directions and this attracts people from all over the world looking for this loophole, it was first and foremost a glimmer of hope, which unfortunately turned out to be a fallacy, which we will take a closer look at in a moment.

DeSantis reason for passing this bill was CBDCs would give the government in Washington a dangerous instrument of control and this total control must be prevented at all costs! If you look a little closer now, this governor is also following the same agenda as the white house and is probably on a different side than we hoped for, because in the end, Florida - like all other states - is also about surveillance and about control by means of the digital ID. So it's no coincidence you keep hearing the three words "convenient, secure and smart" wherever you go, because that can only be because this is about an unified agenda with an obvious goal.


Germany has also been working on the digital ID for years, and this ID law has already been implemented in 2022, which is why the legal basis for it already exists! Ironically, it is the incompetence of our elected government, which is why the Germans are even lucky, at least on this issue, because theoretically this complete abolition of any privacy could have been implemented long ago, but practically it has not been yet, because the government has not managed to launch the digital ID on schedule so far.

By the way, according to the latest information, the much-advertised ID is to be implemented in Germany in 2023 - after a three-year development period - which is nothing other than the digital ID that can be merged with all other information to form a data octopus that should terrify us all, because what will be possible for the rulers of this system in the future thanks to this combination can only be guessed at the moment, even if the practical implementation will probably once again exceed the worst expectations.

Not even the total control over citizens could Germany achieve, where one is already on the best way to expropriate the population on all possible ways. The federal government of Germany marches thus as always in its own (slow) speed toward the abyss, nevertheless also the people in this country stand 2023 before the responsibility to prevent exactly this! Because now Germany was apparently not fast enough from the point of view of the European Union, the EU has now taken its own initiative and promptly comes the EU Commission to abolish the physical passport and ID card around the corner with consequences for the "transparent citizen", which can probably think of everyone.



As you can see, this disturbing process is going too slowly for the EU Commission, which is why it is now pushing ahead with the digital ID plans itself! The whole thing is finally called "European Digital Identity", that's what this word is supposed to stand for, for which the EU Commission is taking a sum of 46 million euros in hand, which it has put into its own development, because apparently in various parts of Europe countries like Germany and our federal government were too slow.

What this "European Digital Identity" is actually intended for quickly becomes clear, namely the whole thing is described as "filing the tax return", i.e. a uniform submission for storing doctor's prescriptions, bank loans and other private data, which will then all be managed centrally in one place. That the implementation of the whole thing is now expected in 2024, when the "asset register" will also come to advance the citizen who is one hundred percent transparent to the state without any privacy, will hardly be a coincidence - like all the previous developments along this path.

In the end, it is only a question of time until we are all at the same point, that we are all just a number, caught in the clutches of a supranational all-controlling regime (keyword: EU, borders are dissolved, nations are abolished, states become federal states, later expansion to non-European countries is planned, NWO etc.). ), even if one must concede to the string pullers of this perfidious plan in spite of everything that they know how to present something bad well, so that people fall for it and only realize too late what is being played.

A frog that would immediately jump out of a pot of hot water to save its life allows itself to be boiled in a pot of cool water that is slowly heated until it realizes what is being played, but by this time it is already too weakened to escape.

Let's just wait and see if enough people have woken up in the meantime to be smarter than the frog this time.


It is particularly chilling that 3 of the 12 people shown in the video were of European ethnic heritage, over and above the blatant psychologically manipulative tone. It appears to be a very late hour for Europeans to begin worrying about their freedom, since their heritage has been so compromised already, even if the video is only conditioning them. Humanity seems to be having it's middle class eliminated, and none moreso than Germany that has been effectively deindustrialized by the war in the Ukraine. The success Macron achieved ending the race war is not a good sign that Europe will present any substantive resistance to digital ID. I can sense the demoralization, smell it in the air like napalm early in the morning. The US is in no better shape, honestly, with an army larger than Ukraine can field streaming over our southern border every year, almost all military aged men.

Our governments are utterly corrupt, as treacherous as any in history.