Sound of Freedom, the box office hit the mainstream was determined to prevent from being made!



Imagine a movie in the USA conquers the first place of the cinema charts, which Hollywood has previously refused to produce, because there the focus is on a very controversial topic. Now imagine that the mainstream media in America has been fighting this surprising hit movie since it first aired on the Fourth of July in 2023, even though it is about a very important topic.

To prevent misunderstandings, it should be said I am clearly NOT talking about the latest part of the Indiana Jones series, which you should rather not watch, especially as a fan of the franchise, since you can already easily see in the trailer that filmmakers did let the character of Indiana Jones mutate into an absolute disaster! If you just look at the producer behind this film, which is also behind the newer parts of the Star Wars series, all of which you can no longer watch, then you quickly realize that the topic of "successfull movie" is clearly NOT the Indiana Jones, which flopped miserably at the box office, but the production of the new hit movie "Sound of Freedom"!

The main theme of this film is one of the biggest problems of our time, namely "child trafficking"! Well, it so happens that Jim Caviezel, one of the main actors in "Sound of Freedom", plays an agent who used to work for Homeland Security. In fact, this agent exists in real life, as the film is based on a true incident. Tim Gallert, the agent in question, in an interview settled accounts with many people who work in these agencies and helped Hollywood to significantly delay the release of this film, which is currently making cinema history, while at the same time the sequel to Indiana Jones, packed with ideology and other 💩 and touted by the media, is proving to be one of the biggest flops in the history of cinema.


Gallert tells in the said interview, how in the course of the production of this film in recent years massive attempts were made to prevent the release. One must know the whole film was already 5 years in production and was started at that time by a studio to produce, which was then taken over by Disney. If you take a closer look at the development of Disney and their content, it quickly becomes clear in which ideological direction the productions there go. So, as it was to be expected, Disney said after the takeover - if you read "between the lines" - meaningfully:" No, we don't want to bring this topic into the cinema, because we prefer to make only productions about 60 different genders and countless sexual orientations in our perverted and unrealistic rainbow fake world!"

Fortunately, the production was then sold on to Angel Studios, a very small movie studio, and they have now made this movie with a relatively small budget of 14 million 💲. Already on the first day there was a very big rush, because many Americans obviously realize there is an extreme problem here. Even Mel Gibson spontaneously jumped in, who has already attracted attention more often in the past as someone who stands up against this classic left-liberal woke direction of Hollywood, and drummed up publicity for "Sound of Freedom" with his recommendation that people should definitely watch this movie.

Gibson even met with former (and possibly future) President Donald Trump to talk to him about this movie, while on the other hand we have a Tim Gallert talking about this subject along with Jim Cavieziel and John Peterson, the extremely successful psychologist from Canada who is well known in the United States. Peterson will also in his country massively opposed by his own government there, because he dared to adopt different views than those imposed by the prevailing "ideologues" in Canada, the USA and the rest of the pseudo-value community of the West, which has in no way harmed the success of his engagement and his popularity among the citizens, as one can easily see.


You can now imagine some controversial topics being discussed in this interview, and at the latest, after seeing it, everyone should understand why a surprising hit movie is suddenly being fought so hard by mainstream outlets like CNN.


In the mainstream media, QAnon is usually portrayed as some kind of right-wing radical scene consisting of lunatics (just like pretty much everything that is critical of the system), and now it is also claimed the well-known actor Jim Caviziel - known from Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" - only takes over these themes in order to make a lot of marketing in this way, so that people who also believe in these system-critical theories watch this movie.

In the CNN interview, journalist Mike Rothschild claims most of the theories, as well as those of the movie, are based on a true incident, but then everything else is invented by the producers in order to increase the success of the movie. He adds further this topic, which is actually a very important topic, is taken up wrongly by these QAnon believers, with which I ask myself the question: "If this topic was actually only taken up wrongly, but according to mainstream (allegedly) is so important, then why is this topic, which is so important according to CNN, constantly concealed by the mainstream media, instead of them simply taking it up correctly and thus doing something about this existing problem?"🤔🙄


Why are even those demonstrably involved largely left alone and the events that took place on some billionaires' islands ignored as best they can, while the focus is put on other issues as quickly as possible (keyword: distraction)? In the case of "Jeffrey Epstein's island" there was still no real clarification, only a pawn victim like the quite guilty Ghislaine Maxwell, who was sentenced with publicity effect to 20 years of imprisonment, in order to tune the citizens again mildly with the media roar that there was (unfortunately) "only" around this process. After the guilty verdict, as always, the issue was diverted, while the string-pullers of the whole thing seem to be of no further interest to either the judiciary or the media.

One quickly gets the impression from these systematic distractions and misdirections there is a larger amount of influential people working to keep the activities of such trafficking rings and the whole extent of such pedo scandals in the dark as much as possible, away from public attention. It certainly doesn't take QAnon followers to figure this out, instead it is quite sufficient to simply read through all the coverage and articles from the "Wall Street Journal" to realize what is being played here! The whole involvement of JPMorgan Chase Bank in the financing of one Jeffrey Epstein over many years and even after his conviction probably only gives an idea of how influential the elitist circles likely to be that are involved here.

Considering how much public attention is drawn to the pedophilic forces by "Sound of Freedom", it is of course no wonder that from the very beginning CNN & Co immediately fought this movie with statements like: "Oh no, only a certain dangerous target group is served here and it is only about taking a certain direction, which is quite dangerous" (keyword: system-critical = right-wing radical and evil). At the same time it is nice to see such attacks by the mainstream were a shot that backfired, had the opposite effect and thus directed more attention to this important movie, whose success can not be stopped neither by the string-pullers nor by their brainwashed sheeple in a society where more and more people wake up every day and do not let themselves be manipulated anymore!


I, too, was only made aware of this important movie by the media agitation of the presstitutes, which is already growing more and more in my favor in the run-up, the more the pedo elites dominating the Western rainbow mainstream and their media court reporters from CNN & Co are agitating against it, and in the meantime I am even grateful for this "publicity" of a system that is contributing to its own downfall more effectively this way than we critics of this madness could ever have contributed to it.🥂😎


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