Fatal trend of "Unknown Causes of Death" continues!💉



Once again, many new examples of unknown deaths have accumulated in a very short time, some even among celebrities, which is why the mainstream simply does not manage to distract from this phenomenon with other topics. That it is worthwhile in any case, if every citizen stays on the topic within the scope of his possibilities and contributes his part to the fact these incidents are not erased from the memory of people by the media shows the fact that in recent years increasingly a movement has developed, which does not let itself be muzzled by politics, Big Pharma & Co and puts the finger on the wound!

More and more citizens around the world are finding it strange that more and more people are just dropping like that without giving any specific reasons, and at a very young age, even though they seemed to be healthy before. This time it is about the Brazilian fitness influencer Larissa Borges, who died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart problem at the age of only 33. In the mainstream media "report.24.news", Borges' untimely death was announced in an article that - as expected - did not even begin to address the cause of the influencer's cardiac arrest.💉❤️

EXCERPT: ""Dream Big" is the motto on the Instagram page of the beautiful Brazilian. At these young ages, you usually have a lot of life ahead of you. The well-toned athlete was known as an influencer for fitness topics. At the age of 33, she suddenly suffered a cardiac arrest, fell into a coma - and died a week later in the hospital. Since then, "Larissa Borges Vaccine" has been trending on search engines. Her death leaves people stunned."

Left stunned were, above all, those who, in surprisingly large numbers, years ago still rashly believed those who obviously did not mean well by us and who, because of the extreme naiveté of many of their victims, probably asked themselves one big question:"


At best, the "cause" of such "unexpected deaths" may be named in social media (😷+💉=💀), even if even there is already much censored, but what keeps increasingly fewer people from wondering why since the year 2021 suddenly more and more young prominent people died suddenly and unexpectedly from a (supposedly) unknown cause of death. From governmental side these cases are usually not investigated, while fake pandemics at that time immediately justified shock measures and lockdowns, which must appear at least "suspicious" to every free thinker!

After the death of this young woman a trend developed fast, which shook above all those who never doubted these whole measures from the Corona time which were taken until recently. All other people continue to say, "The connections cannot be overlooked!" Just 4 days ago, numerous people commented on report.24.news, "Why are all these young people dying suddenly from heart conditions?" They wonder how something like this could happen to people like this Influencer, although she was so young, healthy, fit, dynamic, without any signs by which one could have suspected an illness.

Since the global vaccination campaign started in 2021 and such incidents are becoming more frequent people are concerned because suddenly no more information was being released about the background of the death. It is sold as "new normality" that more and more young sporty and healthy people seemingly without reason fall over because of heart problems, are suddenly in a coma and only a short time later even die. Of course it's unacceptable when humans are to accept that according to media simply in such a way, instead of asking after the backgrounds of these "deaths by an unknown cause" and to make themselves thoughts.


Without speculating too much, it is simply a fact that there are very many anomalies that could be summarized, because nothing else is done, for example, by a WHO (World Health Organization), which measures anomalies and then says that, for example, an illness can be traced back to a certain cause and what one must pay attention to in order to protect oneself from this illness. So why, of all things, should we suddenly stop following up on such abnormalities in these cases and simply accept them - without questioning - as a "regrettable unexplained death"?🤔🙄

From my point of view, this series of "Unknown Causes of Death" is developing in a positive way in that more and more people are waking up to it and increasingly asking themselves, "Hey, wait a minute, did this happen before? Has it really always been the case that so many young people who previously enjoyed excellent health died without a known cause of death all the time, especially so many celebrities?" Unfortunately, celebrities are more relevant than ordinary citizens in such cases, because their clustered number of deaths cannot be so easily "disguised" in public by the media.

Even with related to the normal cases, due to the constantly building pressure from public, documentaries are slowly starting to be made about what happened and what many (vaccinated) people are suffering so much from right now. Especially in these cases, no one can close his eyes any more, even if he wants to, because as soon as someone sees that his favorite star of all things suddenly falls over for no reason, then even 🐑le ask questions, who before didn't "want" to know anything about the truth!



This is precisely why the trend can be seen as positive despite tragic events, because sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. It is only through these senseless deaths of naïve vaccination victims because even people are finally starting to question these things that we previously thought would probably take their mainstream allegiance to the grave with them.

I am curious to see how "unsuccessful" (?) the new vaccination campaign will be, for which we are currently again being carefully prepared by the media, because it will show us how much people have learned from the past years and what they will hopefully not let Big Pharma & Co continue to offer them in future.