Disney CEO says company will "quiet the noise" in culture wars! (Go Woke Go Broke!)



Reality does come at your heart whether you're a Wannabe Mr. Universe trying to lift Way Beyond this capacity with no spotter on hand or a drunken 20-something woman that's watched too many Marvel movies and thinks she can take on a grown man twice her size or in this case the CEO of a multi-billion dollar Entertainment Company who decided it was a good idea to wade into the middle of a highly divisive culture war and somehow not expected to alienate a massive chunk of their potential audience.

I'm talking of course about Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney and the man who is largely responsible for changing the company's public perception from a wholesome patriotic family-friendly and highly respected entertainment brand that strove to honor the ideals and principles of its founder into a Sinister corporate behemoth that gobbles up Studios and IPS quicker than lizzo consumes hours d'oeuvres at a party canibalizes and destroys beloved franchises and Legacy characters with a series of disastrous sequels and soulless remakes and uses the hard work and talent of previous generations as a convenient platform to push THE MESSAGE (hashtag: Gender madness, Transgender, Early sexualization of children and so on)!

To put it in diplomatic terms, this turned out to be a sub-optimal strategy. In case the collapsing Share value cratering Park attendance flatlining box office revenue and highly publicized and damaging political battles weren't enough to clue you in on this fact then a recent statement by old Bob himself during Investor's presentation at Disney world that he wants to quiet the noise around the culture war is really the final nail in the coffin.


It's the executive equivalent of saying "Yeah, I f*cked up Bro", and it's as close as we're likely to get to a public admission that people aren't buying what they've been selling no matter how many times they try to do it. The only option now is to either change course rapidly or go bankrupt. Probably I was by far not the only one who reacted quite gleefully to this condition, which led to this admission, but this does not burden my conscience in any way in view of what the psychopaths have done in the last decades (:Keyword: Sound of Freedom).

As I said in other articles at the time it's a bit like setting fire to your neighborhood and then acting all surprised when your own house starts burning down. Of course this was always going to happen, I mean Bob, did you really think you could drag your company into a highly contentious cultural Battleground like this and not suffer the consequences? That's the problem with politics, you see it's inherently divisive by nature, now more than ever and no matter which side you choose to throw your weight behind, you're automatically going to piss of the other side, cutting your potential audience neatly in half!

I'm no businessman, but I'm pretty sure this is not a winning business strategy and I'm not gonna lie here, the audience that you chose to Pander to is a particulary difficult one because here's the thing, it doesn't really exist in the first place! It's less if a demographic group and more of a loose collection of terminally online perpetually offended serial complainers For Whom the idea of nuance and compromise is as offensive an alien as having to listen to conflicting point of view even if Disney saw it differently for a long time.


People like that will never be happy, no matter how much your previous work your censor and remove and edit to try to appease them they'll always find a new thing to be offended and outraged by no matter how many concessions you make, no matter how much ground you give them! Their demand is always going to be the same more until they'll demand something that you can't give them in which case you'll become the enemy just like everyone else.

I mean look what happened to Bob Chapek who committed the heinous crime of not wanting to get the company embroiled in a highly divisive political debate in Florida against a man with the power to massively f*ck things up for Disney. Before you knew it, the activists were all over it and Bob was forced into a humiliating public climb down, so tell me, did this actually help your business in any way? Did people suddenly flock to your theme parks or rush out to see your movies? I don't think so! The only thing that did happen is that you lost the special tax exemption status for the land around your theme parks massively increasing your operated costs and got dragged into a protracted and very expensive legal battle that's still going on even now.

What's kind of sad here is that none of this needed to happen, this isn't a hill that you had to die on. Why? Because you're a f*cking entertainment company, not a political party! Normal everyday people don't want or need you to Champion a cause or push forward an agenda, because that's not your job! Normal people don't need you to fight for or against them or to praise or lecture them. Normal people watch your movies or go to your theme parks to have a bit of fun, to escape the worries and pressures of everyday life for a couple of hours, to lose themselves in the fantasy for a while, so when you don't give this to them and decides to follow crazy agendas of a minority of crazy leftists and libtards, you will have to deal with the consequences!



This, the normal people right here are your core audience, not crazy activists with mental illness and other issues who want your support for sexual perversions, more than 60 genders and other crap! The last thing your core audience wants from a family entertainment company is to run into the same preachy divisive pandering they get bombarded with one daily basis.

The thing is while I can at least respect the fact that Igers acknowledged the problem he created and what he needs to do to fix it I don't think he appreciates the Monumental effort it's actually gonna take. Talk is cheap, actions are what counts here and this one's gonna require the mound f*cking Everest to put right! Disney as a corporation is riddled with this stuff now at every level, it's become part of the corporate culture mostly because he allowed it to happen.

Bob Iger let the foxes into the hen house and not only are they eating all of his chickens, but they're multiplying at an exponential race and believe me, they are not gonna leave without a fight, getting rid of them is going to require Mass fire ants on a level never before seen gotten the company from top to bottom, not to mention ongoing vigilance to make sure they never get back in. In the end, it will probably be the still too silent majority that will force Disney, but also other companies through their refusal to support sick ideologies through consumption and financial contributions, to turn against all these politically correct freaks with their wacky agenda, if necessary for economic reasons, which has already begun and we can all witness at the moment much to the chagrin of the usual suspects.


To be honest, I just don't know if a 72 year old man who's already postponed his retirement multiple times has the resources, the energy or the political Capital to get the job done. Reality truly does come at you hard, but I think in Disney's case there might be a few years too late in acknowledging it's.