Can the system still fool you by actions of Musk & Co?



The Tesla CIO (chief information officer), who describes himself as a champion of free speech and has criticized Twitter's content moderation policy, announced on Monday that he was taking over the short messaging service. Now, on the one hand, Musk is being hailed as the "bringer of freedom of expression" and, classically, our media is pointing out just the opposite with the resulting dangers. The Tagesschau (German news magazine) writes the following:

EXCERPT: Robert Reich, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, calls Musk's vision dangerous nonsense. He represents a libertarian vision of an uncontrolled Internet. This vision is dangerous nonsense, Reich says, because there is no such thing as an uncontrolled Internet. Someone has to decide about the algorithms in every platform, how they are designed, how they develop, what they reveal and what they hide. Musk has enough power to quietly gain that kind of control, he says.

That's what the Tagesschau wrote, but it was also said: Twitter has tried for years to establish reasonable rules and now Musk comes along! Now I think to myself: Reasonable rules?🤔 After all, so many people have already been deleted because of disagreeable expressions of opinion due to the fact one was simply not allowed to talk about certain topics there - as on many other platforms - for reasons that are probably more than obvious.


The fact our mainstream media report negatively about it does not automatically mean that these events have to be seen positively, even if they seem that way to us at first. I'm surprised how many are celebrating it as a victory that Musk is buying Twitter! What kind of victory, then?🤷‍♂️

Have you ever noticed there always has to be a figure or symbol on the other side to give hope to people with a different opinion in this system, but still nothing happens? What freedoms has Trump brought us? What freedoms has bitcoin brought us? Of course, this time with Musk it is very different!😏

First of all, let's take a look at which corporation we are talking about here in the first place. Twitter is being bought for $44 billion, while Alphabet Inc. made a scant $80 billion in profits in 2021! So the bottom line is Alphabet could buy Twitter twice a year, simply out of their day-to-day business. At this point it quickly becomes clear, a small medium has been sacrificed here. Why this is so is revealed to us by a quote from the famous Chinese general Sun Tzu, who was born in 544 B.C. and whose works on military strategies have enjoyed great popularity for many decades, especially in the American business world.


This quote does not mean the enemy is allowed to flee. The goal is to make him believe there is a way to safety, to prevent him from fighting with the courage of despair. What the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said thousands of years ago is still valid today and as effective as it was in ancient times.

Of course, these strategies cannot be applied only to the battlefield or to what many managers or executives understand by "corporate management", because ultimately all these strategic considerations are only about the psyche of the human being. If you understand this and use it to your advantage, then you can direct people and they will think that they have decided something for themselves, which was successfully planted in their subconscious beforehand.

You just have to imagine what has happened, especially in the last two years, and is currently happening all the time. It is said by some people: "How can there still be such a thing in these modern times that a country like Russia attacks Ukraine?" Without going into the previous history, the question now arises: Doesn't something like this happen every day in the world and is mostly ignored by the mainstream media as long as conflicts don't get in the way of the interests of their own state?🤫


Just because it's in the media and close to home doesn't mean it doesn't happen year after year in other regions. The investors among you probably understand what I mean, for the rest of you I'll explain. Now, if you want to be successful in the market or in a company for the long term, you have to think and act for the long term.

In general, it is not small periods of time that are important, but the big picture. It's not what's happening in the world today that's important, but what the long-term trend is. Surely this sounds familiar to you, what a politician says today can be completely different tomorrow, because a certain agenda has to be fulfilled in the background. In order to have this whole acceptance for it, one needs evenly constantly new heroically working symbol figures 🦸🏼‍♂️ as they were already mentioned at the beginning of the article.

The hope must always be there! On Twitter, for example, I also read a post from an American YouTuber, millionaire and Bitcoin fan, according to which Twitter is rising, although all tech stocks are falling, because there is a big difference (keyword: Free Speech).


The man was praised and celebrated for this statement. Just briefly to understand, why is Twitter stock rising in the first place? The Twitter share has a certain value. But the calculated value that Musk pays per share is above that value! If you now know you can buy a share now and at time X you will certainly get more for it, then the demand increases and thus the price until it has reached the determined value.

So Musk had not said in advance for nothing that he wanted to buy up all the shares. Shortly before the takeover was announced, anti-climate advertising was banned on Twitter, much to the displeasure of many users and companies, which boosted the value of Twitter shares under the motto "Free Speech", but I don't want to go into this point in detail now.

I would like to leave it at that and appeal once again: Think best in every situation always yourself and pay attention especially in these times well to whom you trust. But if you have already found yourself through the new "savior" Elon Musk, so that you have found hopes again because of him, then you should perhaps ask yourself: Have I perhaps fallen for something again?


Don't misunderstand, there is hope, and it is very important, but you are better off with confidence in your own abilities than with these protagonists on the world stage, many of whom seemed to be able to turn things around before everything remained as it was.


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I'm concerned about the mandatory identity verification I heard they were planning. If biggest stakeholders can soon go after the users who don't agree with them, that's a big threat for free expression of opinions.


I'm surprised how many are celebrating it as a victory that Musk is buying Twitter! What kind of victory, then?🤷‍♂️

A part of a business transaction (buying) for Elon Musk. Probably nothing more, nothing less. He is a businessman, and this is a victory only for him. Now he own Twitter. There is no real difference for the end users, which they could consider as victory.

The free speech is just a buzzword to get the sympathy and the support of the users and other people.