We Don't Need To Have Much Before We Can Give


Photo credit: Undplash

Life does not present every one of us with equal privilege. Some people have everything they need to live a good life on Earth and some have to struggle to meet up with something close to what they want.

Almsgiving is not the only way to help, for there are people out there who need is someone to share their burden with. Someone who can listen to their problems and offer them words of consolation. Someone who will not go about discussing their flaws. Most of the suicide cases we read on the internet are people who were depressed because of the issues they have been battling with alone.
Some were depressed because of how we treated them like trash, how we turned deaf ears to their voice for help.

If you don't have money to give out, you will surely have food to share with another, and if you don't have that, you should have clothes to give to the naked. There is always something that you can offer, you just have to look around you and you will be surprised to discover that there are people you are better than. Remember, givers never lack. Don't wait to be in abundance before you can give.