Proof of Brain Photocontest || Jacarandas, Road to Colonia Tovar

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I took this photo when we traveled from San Antonio de los Altos to La Colonia Tovar, a place with an interesting history founded in 1843 by German immigrants from the then independent state of Baden, which would later be annexed to Germany.

The place is an enclave of Germanic culture in the country and is of tourist interest to us.

All of us in the car were struck by the purple blooms on the tree and the fact that there was quite a group of them.

I confess that I do not know the name of the tree, although everything seems to indicate that it is a species of the Jacarandas that are common throughout South America.

The photo was taken, as I said at the beginning, from the moving car, with a Sony Cyber-Shot camera.


Technical Information

Photography: Trees
Location: Road to Colonia Tovar – Venezuela
Camera Sony Cyber-Shot
Photographer @joseph1956

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sir i would suggest you to plant this beautuful tree in your neighborhood, so that everyone around you can see it too