🖼🌍LIL - LMAC Contribution To The Library || LIL - LMAC Contribución Para La Biblioteca 🖼🌎

LIL - LMAC Contribution To The LibraryLIL - LMAC Contribución Para La Biblioteca
Greetings friends of let's Make a collage today I bring you these amazing pictures as a contribution to the library. Blessings!Saludos amigos de let's Make a collage hoy les traigo estas increibles fotos como aportacion a la biblioteca. Bendiciones!!
Butterfly Colors white, brown, black.
Butterfly caligo Color black, brown.
Ceramic fruits Colors red, yellow, green, orange, yellow.
Cat Colors gray, brown, white
Budgie Colors green and yellow
Lights in the sky ☀☀☀
Flower Yellow color

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Fotos tomadas con mi teléfono LGK20

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Photos taken with my LGK20 phone.