Why we should vote for President


Why do we have to vote for the President? Why should we ask this question? As you all know, #dcity game is a game based on HIVE Blockchain. There are great opportunities to be had in the #dcity game.

Another option is the Vote system for the President. We elect whoever we like as President. Every president has his strategy. So who will we vote for?

We vote for people with different views and different opinions. I only voted for one person in the #dcity game. That person is @jelly13. The reason I voted for him is because I like his perspective on Tex. (We are not lobbying to vote for him (@jelly13) here. He and I don't know each other and we don't even talk.)

He posted a lot of Tex of the #dcity game. (Card Income depends a lot on invisible crises, so it is not easy to get Net Income. So it is best to raise uncertainty)

War Share value increased due to Tex Increase. In addition to this, according to the strategy, those who own Tex Refund Cards can increase their income rank. With the increase of Income Rank, you can get many Ranking Rewards. (I understand that everyone has different opinions and strategies, so they may have different preferences.)

However, we need to vote for someone we like. This is our right, so we have to do it. It's because of issues like this that the #dcity game is being played.

That's all I want to share today. I will meet again in the next days.