Ask Leo: How popular is Hive Blockchain

Hive is becoming more popular with newbie joining the platform each day by day, that is to say the good news of web3 is spreading to the people that has interested in blogging and blockchain business.

Every business entity used audience to strive for growth, without the audience a business remains not functioning and stagnant.


The knowledge that user's on hive blockchain shared would make one who join newly to note that he/she was missing out on important ideas in life.

That will be note when the new user check that his engagement on web2 apps did not bring this ideas he has seen user's sharing on hive.

Ideas are true socket that carries solutions to life plans, if one is face by a hard challenges, truly, he might have one or two methods he wants to consider, inside the two, one must comes out best.
which the person will stick to.

So to be in a place which little or no ideas are shared is like a waste of resources, assuming you fall into a hard situation and you need ideas on move forward in your plans, where you would run to.

Is to a place that can give you what you want and here on hive, we have many community, sharing articles on certains topic (niche) To the newbie, I know it will seems so hard in the beginning but the truth about is that, you hold onto the system, committed to check around and you will feels like been a family.

Jumping is a problem on the blockchain, if possible, it will be better to choose a niche and better start from there, so that you will easily get noticed by the community members

Engagement is a sure plugged that showcase ones commitment, for instance in our heart, no one knows what you feels at times unless you speak it out.

So for one to better understand you clearly, those thoughts you feels inside towards others people's contents should be communicate to spice things up for everyone.

Thanks. we will do it again some other time.

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