My Actifit Report Card: June 19 2023 : I Am Alive Challenge


Hello Actifiters.

I miss days of higher activity count, please self bring back those days........

So grateful to God for the gift of life.
Yes this is me celebrating life and reporting my actifit for Monday 19th, June 2023.

As usual I woke up around 6:05am, with clear weather 😊
I was humming to a song as I happily did my normal routine house chores and few online activities.

Just in the middle of everything, it started raining 😒
Is not as if I don't like rain, I do.
They brings out that greeny vegetation, sweeps the streets and guitar clean.
But I could do with not much of it right?

Anyways, this triggered a long rest at home.

The weather cleared and little funny sun came up in the mid afternoon.

I felt lazy to go out, just stepped out not far from home.
Didn't know why my mood was swinging.

Well, I was opportuned to have a long chat with friends.
To be honest, it made me feel much better.

I ended the day with completing aliveandthriving curation, and I finished up a write up on my Korean drama episode by episode review but couldn't post it.
I published it this morning.

Let's go again today 💕

Wishing you all a marvelous day.

I really appreciate having you in my blog.
Much love from me to you 😘😘
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