Its another edition of HIVE CELEBRATES WITH... #90, I apologize for being inactive for some time due to health and network issues and not being able to curate and celebrate with some hivers but will try to meet up with other posts. Happy birthday once more and you are always important when you are being celebrated by others, not everyone have the luxury to celebrate their birthday. Hive is here to celebrate with you and I hope it adds a smile to your face.
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Celebrating my daughter Daniela's birthday by @mayraro05image.pngLes cuento que ayer fue el cumpleaños de mi hija mayor Daniela Alejandra y lo celebramos con una gran torta
A trip to an inn in the mountains to celebrate my friend's birthday by @luyaleimage.pngThis weekend turned one of my best friends, Dani or Danilo for friends, Daniel Aguirre
A Birthday Down on Animal Farm by @ellenripleyimage.pngIt was my friend’s 66th birthday yesterday. She became an official “pensioner”. I hate the term as it conjures up a lot of negative images.
Exquisite Pineapple Cake. by @maria75image.pngHello my beloved Foodies friends, proud to be here with you again to share my culinary delights, I sincerely hope you are all doing well under the protection of the three powerful names Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Sharing of my family by @veronicabrachoimage.pngGreetings friends of this beautiful community, thank God for the days that He gives us, today I am going to talk to you about the sharing of my family.
Pizza day 🍕 by @gigi8image.pngSince my brother-in-law had his birthday, we decided to do something different and for lunch we had pizza 🍕.
My Happy Birthday 💜🎂🎉 by @barbyjrimage.pngHola querida comunidad de Hive! espero hayan tenido un hermoso día, hoy quiero compartir con ustedes como pase mi cumpleaños número 25
Celebrating my 16th birthday! by @albakrizimage.pngToday @albakriz is on her birthday 😆 today, September 29, one of the members of this world of wonders meets!
Happy Birthday my lovely daughter. by @yuzaimage.png🌷🌷🌷 สวัสดีค่ะเพื่อนๆ เมื่อวานนี้เป็นวันเกิดลูกสาวคนเล็ก ครบสองขวบพอดี ตอนเย็นๆ ย่าก็ซื้อเค้กมาให้ ยุเองก็ซื้อเค้กเหมือนกัน ก็เลยกลายเป็นเค้ก 2 ก้อน ลูกสาวคนเล็กเป็น
It’s My Birthday by @prayzzimage.pngIt’s that time of the year again where I think about how my life has been for the past 365 days and give thanks for it.
Making A Birthday Card For Tatay by @arrliinnimage.pngLearning the calendar and taking note of important dates and holidays are important to keep the kids connected to what has happened in the past and their relevance.
Happy Birthday to my pspa. 😇😇😇😂 by @lalay2021image.pngHappy Birthday to my papa. 😇😇😇😂
Crypto's Fruition & Celebrating My 28th Birthday. by @josediccusimage.pngSeptember for crypto may be all gloom and doom, but for me, it's always blissful because it's actually my birth month
My younger brother's birthday🎂🤓 by @noalysimage.pngYesterday we celebrated my younger brother Alcides Josué's 16th birthday and although he had his birthday a few days ago
Turning 35 by @theneohippyimage.pngIt was my birthday recently, I don’t mind admitting I turned 35!
Celebrating my mom's birthday by @loivnouelimage.pngHello friends, I hope you are feeling great, today I am here to tell you about my mom's birthday which was something that had to be celebrated.
Beautiful gift to me (Красивий подарунок) by @uliana61image.pngПривіт, друзі! Вчора у мене був день народження, на святкування якого прийшли родичі. На жаль, не всі змогли прийти з поважних причин.
Maverick's 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday Maverick Daddy loves you!!! by @hippie-witha-gunimage.pngI got Maverick his own monster truck for his birthday. A 24 volt Monster truck from Roll Play.
My Mother : MY PRECIOUS SUBSTANCE by @lagosfirstbornimage.pngThis is not a motivational write up but rather an inspiring one and one to celebrate the woman who birthed me into this world.
"My 28th birthday. By: @Jrcenteno by @jrcentenoimage.pngHello, dear #hive friends , a pleasure to celebrate with you such a beautiful and meaningful date as my 28th birthday.
HAPPY 4TH YEAR BIRTHDAY TO MY COUSIN by @twicejoyimage.pngGood morning everyone, I wish you all another blessed day. I am grateful to be alive today and thank God I was able to witness my little girl fourth year birthday
mi cumpleaños! ya tengo 27 años! by @ruffo.pippenimage.pnghola amigos de The Weekend, el fin de semana, específicamente el domingo 26/9 he cumplido años, 27 años! y por ese motivo he celebrado un almuerzo con mi familia
2nd day of home quarantine! Today is my nephew's birthday so I created ... by @jemmanuelimage.png2nd day of home quarantine! Today is my nephew's birthday so I created a 3x2 Tarpaulin Design with Camouflage theme!
My Actifit Report Card: September 28 2021 by @carrinmimage.pngA clear blue sky day to greet my wife's birthday. It is a big round number day and tough to have to do it lockdown style.
Cumpleaños de mi Papi - Día de mucho dulce y Hamburguesas 😋 by @mariaogliastreimage.pngEl día de ayer 28/09/21 mi papá estaba de cumpleaños, fue un día bastante tranquilo
Happy birthday cousin blessings by @aleorimage.pngHola amigos de esta gran comunidad de OCD, es un placer para mí compartir mi contenido con ustedes.
Mi ahijado Santiago está de cumpleaños by @mariajcastro28image.pngToday's post I will dedicate to a little person who is on his birthday today
Celebration of my eldest daughter's 11th birthday! by @lauraamericaimage.pngHola amigos de esta querida de @hive, me alegra que estén por acá visitando mi blog


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