A beautiful Sunflower-Dalaguete, Cebu Philippines


Hello, all of you here in hives, have been a long time that I posted my blog, how are you all? I hope you're all fine! Thanks to god I am also fine.
Today I'm back, sorry everyone took so long to post this and also I'm very busy.


By the way, I have something to share with y'all here in hives. Yesterday we went to the farthest mountain of Caleriohan in South Dalaguete Province of Cebu. We were just on a motorcycle, then when we got there to our destination, someone caught our eyes, Do you know what is it?



It's a sunflower they are many and beautiful parades on the road. I'll be the first to approach the flowers it was not an ordinary sunflower. Know what?
It is a wild sunflower but I also sunflower, growing in the forest and somewhere cold.


I try to take a picture of the best wild sunflower scene. I took all these pictures with the help of my cellphone or smartphone camera. I hope all of you guys like my photography. When I'm young I really like to capture the plants of my mother and also now.

I use my cellphone or smartphone
Model: Vivo Y11

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