men's game


It's on its way to work. As the saying goes about the abnormal temperature in February, the sun's rays are quite warm during the day, but at night, the bitterness of winter is always buried. As I got off the country bus and walked along the lovely apartment walkway, the cold winter wind slapping the back of my neck still made my legs shudder. I immediately took the elevator to go home. There are three boys in it.

It was a familiar face to everyone. One is a 12 year old guy who can ride a bicycle next door on the same floor, and the other two are mischievous twins on the 14th floor. I know these people from time to time because I see them often, but they don't greet each other warmly. In particular, the twins on the 14th floor had a bad relationship with the twins in our house. Compared to our children who are always speechless and naive, the 14th floor twins have seen the two of them together several times, pranking and bullying their peers. Once, while playing with my twins, I teased them, and when I told them I wanted them to have fun, there was a time when I felt a cold wind blow. After that incident,

As you can see, all three are the same age. I felt I had to talk to him about something so I said, 'You came to play together' and said something first. A familiar screen appeared on the phone of one of the men who had slipped away. It's a game that our kids are also addicted to recently.

"You are more than one Brawl Stars."

"Yeah. But, I haven't done it for about 6 months, but I've been doing it for a long time."

The boy's expression quickly changed at the sudden game story. The expression on his face was cute, so he continued to speak.

"Yeah? So you didn't know about the new characters today. Recently, there's Edgar and there's also the new Colonel Ruffs..."

The three of them looked at me at the same time. It was interesting to see the little people looking up.

"Wow, you brawl too? Then, how much is your trophy?"

"Um. You're going to be around 17,000?"


Her admiration flowed.

It's been over a year since I played this game. When cell phones were handed over to children, they naturally started playing games. As a father raising kids, I've always worried about phones and games, but most kids these days say so, so I give them certain rules as a convenience to keep up with trends and leave it up to them independently. In particular, I feel sorry for the kids who can only play because of the current corona restrictions, and remembering my childhood when I loved electronic arcades, I think it's natural for boys to like games. It was a story I read in a parenting book, and he said that in order to recover game-addicted children, it's a good way to let parents out of the game while enjoying the game together. Therefore, games in which children spend a lot of time trying to get as much attention as possible, and sometimes they play together.

One time, the kids came out and said that their friends had called. I was walking alone when I happened to find the children and friends crouched in the corner of the apartment. When I asked what they were doing, looking at them as if they were just running around, they said they were playing a game on their phone. Then, the children explain the game in detail, say if they kiss their friends, say that the game is trending recently. They also said that when they met their friends recently, they played like this. It was a feeling of despair. Boy l with a soccer ball if wallowing, Covering the environment by riding a bicycle, indeed i play i know that even hadamothae be a struggle, and mobile games corner apartment guys are them . I think the world has changed a lot.

That night, I wanted to see how much fun it could be, so I installed it on my phone and decided to check it out. However, after playing it a few times, I immediately heard the excitement. Unlike today's games, the rules are easy and the controls are simple, so it's easy to do, and I love the fun of collecting cute characters.

I play games on my way to work, or in my spare time at home, and quite often enjoy them even when I'm with my kids. A year has passed since then, and now he has become a great uncle to the elevator boys.

The boy's face was very serious. These people, who usually fell into their own world, never greeted or even looked at them, today, looking at the man next door in admiration as if they were celebrities.

When I got off the elevator, I heard the kids say hello.

"Goodbye, uncle."

Gosh... it feels weird. Game-chan's forty-seven year old uncle who was envied by twelve year olds. Whether this is something to be proud of or something to be ashamed of, I received a good reception from the children, so I replied.

"Yeah, try your best too."

I gave a more ridiculous answer and got off the elevator.