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My usual daily routine after I wake up in the morning is to brush my teeth, go to my room, power on my PC, and get to work.

One of the best parts of my day was finishing my job on time, and that meant I had time to do other things.

Taking a break from studying this afternoon, I watched an old Bollywood movie titled Ka Ho Naa Ho. It was a beautiful story about love and family. The movie made me feel emotional and gave me a sense of peace and joy, and at some points, heartbreak as well.

This is a movie that was released in 2003, but it is still relevant today. The story conveys the importance of family and cherishing every moment in life. It is a must-watch for any movie lover.

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Ka Ho Naa Ho is a Bollywood movie about one of the characters, Naina, who falls in love with her neighbor, Aman, who is also in love with her. Unfortunately, he could not express his feelings because of a secret, and this resulted in a plan to set Naina up with her best friend Rohit.

The movie begins with Naina, who is referred to as a dork. She lives an introverted and depressing life as an MBA student.

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She also has this perception about life and love that when you love someone, in the end, they leave you just like that.

In the movie, Naina has a mother who struggles to run an unsuccessful restaurant to provide for her family. Her mother is a widow. Her husband committed suicide, and I learned why later in the movie.

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In the story, Naina's dad had an affair with another lady, and that evil act resulted in a child. The lady who had the child abandoned the child, and she could not accept the child. As a result of that, Naina's mom was forced to accept the child into their family. She accepted and loved a child who was supposed to be a constant reminder of her husband's infidelity.

My conclusion to that storyline was that the man probably committed suicide because of his guilty conscience. But it makes no sense, and I feel that's just foolishness on another level. Well, it's a movie.

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Naina also had a grandma who lived her whole life hating the child her son had gotten through infidelity. However, she never knew the full story about that because it was kept from her. All she knew was that her daughter-in-law suddenly adopted a child, and that child who was adopted made her son commit suicide...That's the foolishness I'm talking about.

Also, Naina had a disabled brother who loved basketball. She also has two best friends, one a female friend named Sweetu and the other Rohit, whom she attends MBA class with.

Something happened that made Naina and her family sad and filled them with tears. However, they had faith and believed that God would send an angel to wipe their tears away and make everything okay for their family.

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It was after that scene that Aman showed up, and indeed, his presence changed everything in their lives.

Naina stopped being a dorky, she finally learned how to smile, and laugh and eventually fell in love with Aman.

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In another scene, Naina, who was looking different, gave her best friend Rohit the wrong impression, even though he had always had feelings for her. This time, seeing how different she was, he couldn't wait to tell her that he was in love with her.

Excited Naina later called her best friend Rohit to tell him that she had something to tell him. Rohit also told her he had something to tell her as well.

I forgot to mention that Rohit and Aman are friends too. Rohit had already told Aman that he was in love with Naina and was excited to tell her that.

The best friends, Naina and Rohit fixed a time and a place to meet each other so as to share what they both had to say.

Finally, they met and Rohit allowed Naina to say what she had to say first. However, that revelation stopped Rohit from saying what he had to say to her.

He wanted to tell her that he loved her, but there she sat telling him she was in love with Aman. Despite the shock and heartbreak, he encouraged her to go tell him right away.

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Since they were just best friends, Naina didn't think that other feelings like love could be developed. She never took Rohit seriously, she only saw him as her best friend.

Immediately after leaving Rohit, Naina went straight to Aman's house in order to confess her feelings. Rohit, however, had already notified Aman of her feelings.

On getting to the house, Aman offered her a seat, acting unaware, and asked her what it was she wanted to say. Just as she was about to spill it, she spotted a picture of a lady and Aman on the table.

She picked it up and asked him who the lady was, but Aman lied to her, saying the lady was his wife. He cooked up a little story to make his lie sound very convincing. In reality, the lady was his doctor.

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The reason why Aman tried to stop Naina from confessing her love to him even though he loved her too was because he did not have much time left to live. He was keeping a secret about his terminal illness from her. Aman was suffering from heart failure, and the doctor had already told him he was going to die soon.

He knew that Naina had a mental problem of thinking that anyone a person loves ends up leaving them behind, so he didn't want her to go through that trauma, as she had experienced it in the past when her dad committed suicide.

Aman, who was like an angel in Naina's life, had to find a way to fill Naina's life with Rohit's love, even though he loved her so much too. He did all he could to make sure that Rohit and Naina stayed together in love.

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As the love story continued, there were several depressing scenes that brought tears to my eyes.

In the end, Rohit and Naina got married and had a lovely daughter, while Aman became their memory due to his terminal illness.

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It had a lot of funny scenes, some of which made me smile and some of which made me cry. I also loved the music that was used in the scenes, and the choreography was fantastic.

I would describe it as tragi-comedy-romantic -drama. The story was captivating, and the characters were well developed.

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Overall, it was a great movie because it managed to combine both funny and sad moments in a way that was both entertaining and touching. It was the perfect combination of drama and humor, which made it a great watch.

The screenshots of the movie attached to this post were taken from the movie on Netflix


Wow...I feel like downloading this movie to see for myself. The way you reviewed it is pushing me to watch
Nicely done ✅


Hahaha.... It's a nice and interesting movie to watch.