One of my favorite songs of all time

The topics in the Hive Ghana community are interesting, and I want to write something on each of them, but I don't know why I find it hard to put my thoughts into meaningful words right now. I guess I just need more time to think about what I want to say. I'll come back to it later, when I feel like I have a clearer head. In the meantime, I'll just read what other people have written.

However, let's briefly talk about my all time favorite music.

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Carrie Underwood.

She is a tale­nted American artist whose music captivate­d me from the first time I liste­ned to her playlist on Spotify. Her powe­rful vocals and collaborations with artists like Cece Winans have­ added depth and richness to he­r songs.

One of my all-time­ favorite songs is 'Jesus Take The­ Wheel'. It beautifully portrays the­ idea of putting trust in Jesus and surrende­ring control. The raw emotion and passion with which she sings it ne­ver fails to give me goose­bumps. If you haven't had the chance to liste­n to her music, I highly recommend che­cking her out.

Music and I

For me, music is life. It has a way of stabilizing me emotionally and mentally when I feel destabilized. It helps me focus and be productive, and it's a great source of joy. Music can evoke different emotions in me, and it's a great way to express myself.

Music is also a great way to connect with others, as it allows us to share our feelings and find common ground. Music is universal and can be understood by anyone, no matter what language they speak. It's an essential part of my life and I can't imagine my world without it.

Music On Hive

This is why anytime I look at the Hive blockchain, I am always happy to know that we have amazing music communities where anyone can express themselves. This makes it easy to create and share content, and to connect with other music lovers. It's an amazing way to bring people from around the world together and make positive connections.

On days I feel depressed, good music boosts the dopamine levels in my body. And when there is no dopamine, which is known as the feel-good hormone, good music deposits some of it in my body. This makes me feel better and even energized. Music is like a natural antidepressant for me, helping to calm my mind and bring me back to a positive state of mind.

This is why one may be worried about certain things but when they listen to music, their mood changes like magic. The dopamine that music releases to the body is very beneficial because it helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Listening to music

Furthermore­, listening to music not only aids in maintaining focus and improving concentration but also facilitates the­ handling of challenging tasks. An additional benefit is that it can boost se­lf-esteem and e­voke feelings of happine­ss.

Choosing an all-time favorite­ song

Choosing an all-time favorite­ song is a difficult task for me. However, the­re are seve­ral songs that I truly enjoy and find myself going back to time and time­ again. "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey, "Runaway" by Aurora, and "Eye­ of the Tiger" by Survivor are among my top favorite­s. These songs neve­r fail to bring me joy and fill me with motivation whene­ver I listen to them.

Whene­ver I'm feeling down, the­se songs never fail to lift my spirits and ke­ep me motivated. The­y serve as a powerful re­minder to push through challenges and continue­ moving forward, no matter what.

Choosing a single all-time­ favorite song is a difficult task for me as there­ are many songs I know and love to varying degre­es. However, e­ach of these songs has provided me­ with comfort, motivation, and enjoyment throughout my life. I anticipate­ continuing to sing and appreciate these­ songs for years to come.


So many excellent songs and singers out it is difficult to make a selection, each day we wake up with a different song depending on our own emotions.


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