RE: Conflict with '"His Assholiness' Prince Tommy'" this morning

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That is great, although I don't know if I could take that many at once.
"His Majesty" seemed to be starting his trek up past my head again this morning (I was still trying to sleep and the lights were off, so I don't know for sure)
I yelled and swatted at him. So much for trying to sleep. I don't know why I bother setting my alarm for 6:30; he never lets me sleep that long.
Now to his credit, he HAS learned that I'm not up that early and will sit in his nest watching me until I make signs of movement ha ha ha.
The vet designated Sir Thomas of Butthole as an "American Shorthair" in color. I would have called him a Tabby.
G'morning @nthtv


Good morn @jerrytsuseer

I'm sure Tommy is watching you sleep and thinking, "That's no cat nap.. too long.. c'mon, there's way too many objects that need rearranging around here."

Yes, I think on every vet paper I get, they denote DSH (domestic shorthair) for all the cats. Which leads me to ponder, "How many exotic cats, and what type come through this place? Do they treat lions and such?"

Tommy being orange, tabby or not, is enough to be a cool cat 😀