Prolonged exposure to a "Stilted Norm"

Is it a wonder I am in a more or less constant state of depression?
Beginning last Sept, the husband of my first cousin died. He was very ill, so that was probably a good thing, but still not easy on us
In Oct I got word my SISTER was dying, I saw her in Nov before she passed. That was a good thing, but still not easy.
Last month my Niece's husband died, I know he is in a better place, and since he was a Quadriplegic and my niece his full time caregiver, I know she is better off now, but still trying to find her way in a life of freedom she hasn't enjoyed since 2005.
Now I find another first cousin has had a stroke, her brain is still active but she is unresponsive.

I've lived a life of "Stilted Norm" all these months.


Losing a loved one, leaves an unfillable hole,
Like a gaping lack in the spirit.
Days seem pale without them, time
Seems to be filled with cold.
This vacuum is beyond understanding,
So that you can hardly bear it;
All that is left to do is to keep moving
On, one step after another, being bold.
Loving memories can take that place, but
Cannot keep you warm,
The hole will have to scab over,
While you try to find a
Stilted norm.


“Stilted Norm”

Jerry E Smith

#1 Kate Williams
#2 Andrew Neel