Healthy Tuna Balls 🧆✨



In my previous food blog, I made the Tomato & Tuna Spaghetti out of cravings; this time, I'd like to share one of my favorite snacks that I recently discovered because I didn't have anything else to eat in our kitchen but Tuna, whole wheat bread, and some spices. (Yes, my friend, I love Tuna that much. 😄😁)

So I was thinking of alternative ways to use the bread and tuna besides making tuna sandwiches. And, of course, I did some YouTube research to see if there are any snacks or finger foods I could prepare with those two components before throwing them out. (Coz I hate to experiment foods and will just be wasted at the end.🙅)

After seeing videos of tuna snacks, I discovered that I can make balls with it. I happened to have cornstarch and an egg on hand at the time, so it was perfect! 💃💃


Let's get started and make some snacks!

Prepare the ingredients;

1 Canned tuna
2 or 3 loaf of bread
1 green leafy onions
1 egg
1tbsp Cornstarch

1tbsp bread crumbs

Because I also happen to have some bread crumbs (optional), I thought of using it as added ingredients. You will also gonna need an oil to fry.

My apologies I was not able to take photos while I prepared the ingredients and when I all mixed them but I'll be happy to share the procedure to you all step by step.

Here's how I do it;

  1. Cut your bread in dice or you can just even tear them up, that's okay.

  2. Slice and prep your onion leaf and garlic if you like. With or without garlic is okay.

  3. open your tuna and separate the water/sauce. We don't want our balls to be entirely wet; if they are, we won't be able to form a ball.

  4. Mix the tuna with your bread, garlic and onion. This is also the time you put the egg and 1 tbsp of cornstarch. You can also put a bit of salt and pepper to taste. Mix them well. You can use your hands at this time to combine all the ingredients until you notice that you can start forming shapes out of it.

  5. Start making balls. Its up to you how big you like for the size. After forming them, roll each of them to your bread crumbs (optional).

  6. Start deep frying your tuna balls and serve.


I called mine "healthy" just because I used a whole wheat bread here which is high in fibers lol but you can actually use any leftover breads available not necessarily a whole wheat one. Just use whatever is available in your kitchen so you don't need to spend more outside.

This is a very delicious snack which you can also dip to sauce. For this, I just mixed ketchup and mayo and to my surprise, it tasted perfectly good with my tuna balls.

How was it? Have you tried this kind of snack? I hope your hungry! Keep tune for my other Tuna recipe series 🥰🫰

Thanks for dropping by.


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